Laid Back: Mastering The Sports Casual Look

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Different styles are appropriate for wearing for different occasions. At work, you might wear a suit to the office, while at home, perhaps you choose to dress as casually as possible. There are many times when you might want to combine smart and casual elements of your wardrobe so you can look good without looking too formal. Maybe you have a slightly more casual workplace, where you need to look presentable but you don’t need to dress up too much. Or maybe you just like to look good when you’re out and about. The sports casual look errs on the slightly more casual side of the spectrum but still has smart elements. Mastering the look can be hard though, so there are a few things to think about.

Pick the Right Shirt and Jacket

When you’re dressing a more smartly, a button down shirt is often a necessity, perhaps with a tie. However, if you’re going for the sports casual look, you don’t have to go that far. Some slightly more casual tops are acceptable, although you still want to try to keep things somewhat smart. So while scruffy, baggy t-shirts are out of the question, a polo shirt could be the perfect choice. A t-shirt can even work well too, as long as it fits you well. You can pair it with a sports jacket or a vest for a smart casual look.

Wear Some Sporty Sneakers

One of the main differences you might find between a sports casual and smart casual look is the shoes. A smart casual outfit is more likely to have smarter shoes, even if they’re paired with more casual pants. However, with a sports casual look, you can get away with being more relaxed on the shoe front. A pair of sporty sneakers, like some Nikes, can be the ideal statement sports piece for your outfit. However, you don’t have to pick casual shoes. You might decide that they make your outfit too casual when paired with other sports items. So if you’ll also be wearing a sports jacket, you might swap your sneakers for something smarter.

Choose Smart-casual Pants

Just as with the rest of your outfit, don’t go for anything too scruffy when you’re deciding on pants or shorts. A pair of jeans can look good if they’re on the smarter side, and not faded or covered in tears or holes. A pair of chinos gives you an even smarter look, or you could choose a pair of tailored linen shorts for warmer days.

Accessorize with Some Smart Accessories

You can combine both sports accessories and smarter options to complete your sports casual outfit. A smartwatch could look good, but a sportier model could equally help you to add the finishing touches to your style. Try a pair of smart sunglasses on sunny days or a leather belt to make your jeans look a little smarter.

The sports casual look can be difficult to master if you want to get the balance right. But it can be a great choice for a night out or a date.

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