How To Guarantee A Great First Date

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First dates can be a tricky affair. They can involve a lot of palm sweating, nervous laughter and awkward silences if not planned properly. So here are our top tips on how to plan a great first date to make sure things run smoothly and a great night ensues.

Plan Carefully

If you know a little about your date before meeting her, think about the sort of thing that she might like to do. Perhaps she’s shown an interest in theatre or art galleries so maybe you can plan your first date around a trip to either of those places, followed by a bite to eat. Or perhaps you don’t know anything about your date so you need to stick to safer options. A couple of pints down at your local sports bar is not going to cut it if you really want to impress this girl so think of a nice, local restaurant where you’ll be able to get to know each other over a tasty meal.

You won’t want anywhere too noisy where you won’t be able to hear each other. You don’t need to organise anything to ostentatious as overly glamorous places can be a little bit awkward and overwhelming on a first date. So plan something low key, but romantic where you can both feel comfortable chatting and enjoying each others company.

Make An Effort

There’s nothing worse than a girl taking time to prepare for a first date, to arrive and find a guy sitting there in scruffy clothes and unkempt hair. First impressions are everything so you are going to need to make sure that the impression you give off, on your first date, is a good one.

Therefore spend a little time thinking about the most appropriate outfit for your date, depending on where you’re going. If you’re going for dinner, go for something smart yet casual. If your date is something a little more active then go for something a little more relaxed without compromising on style. Make sure you’re well groomed and look like you’ve made an effort in anticipation of seeing your date. Wear a subtle, yet masculine cologne, like Bolvaint so that when you greet her with a peck on the cheek she will catch a whiff of your sexy scent.

Be a Gentleman

Who said chivalry is dead? Hopefully not the women you’ve been dating. Being charming and acting like a gentleman on your date is essential in order to make the lady feel special and comfortable around you. Women appreciate the little details like having doors opened for them, chairs pulled back for them and the offering of your coat is the evening turns a little chilly. So be mindful that the simple gentlemanly gestures are not stuck back in the 1950’s they are still a vital element of modern day dating.

Ask Questions

You’d be surprised how many men forget to show an interest in their dates. It’s easily done as first dates can make people a little anxious and we can tend to waffle a little in stressful situations. So make sure you are mindful of showing an interest in your date and are asking meaningful questions about her to make sure she feels that you are attentive and interested.


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  1. Thomas Pindall says:

    I’m grateful for your advice about making a great first impression on a first date. I think in general, getting a good first impressions by choosing an appropriate outfit, are what determine whether you can get a second or even third date. I’m glad you talked about what people can do to ensure that a date goes well. With a good app for planning date activity, there can be a lot of fun experiences for everyone.


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