The Latest Fashion Forward Looks For Men

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Spring is upon us and it’s a notoriously difficult season to dress for. Whilst womenswear has nailed the seasonal transition with floaty dresses, light cardigans, and chiffon shirts, menswear can be trickier. So whether you’re jetting off on holiday, lounging by the beach, or going to work, this guide has got you covered…

At The Airport

Airports are the ultimate pressure cookers. All the checking in and waiting and panicked passport checks are enough to send anyone into a panic. Airports are also difficult to dress for. On the one hand, you want to be comfortable. There could be long wait times or a long-haul flight on the cards and you want to be able to relax. On the other hand, you still want to feel good when you land at your destination. The answer? A sports luxe look.

Sports luxe became a look last year and shows no sign of losing popularity. This trend is particularly treasured because it tapped into the desire to be comfortable and look good. Starting from the bottom, wear sneakers to the airport. These are practical enough to walk around in and easy enough to slip off at security, but they look great too. Some slim fit tracksuits bottoms are a good idea too. Avoid light gray and instead opt for a navy tracksuit. It elevates the look a little, from sports to luxe. A crisp white t-shirt and a denim jacket finish this looks off.

At Work

If you work for a company that enforces a strict business attire policy all year round, the hotter months can be a challenge. Nobody wants to wear a shirt, tie, and suit jacket when it’s hot outside. The answer? Breathable materials and lightweight layers.

Go for a looser fit linen-wool fabric rather than a slim-fit suffocating suit. This type of fabric will be far more breathable and airy. Choose lighter colors too. It’s amazing how much hotter a suit can feel in dark grays, blacks, and navy. Lighter colors won’t absorb the heat so don’t be afraid to lighten it up. Cotton twill is another lightweight fabric for warmer days. Switch your suit jacket for a blazer to make this even cooler.

On The Weekend

If you’re guilty of sticking to the same failsafe weekend uniform of t-shirts and tracksuits it’s time to mix things up. With summer just around the corner, prints are becoming more and more prominent. Get some practice in now so that this trend doesn’t pass you by.

Camouflage is the biggest print trend of spring. It’s been around for a while and shows no sign of going away. The best way to wear it is a camo bomber jacket with dark trousers and white sneakers. Alternatively, try wearing a camo print long-sleeve lightweight jumper.

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