5 Gift Ideas Every Outdoorsman Will Appreciate

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Shopping for gifts isn’t usually at the top of guys’ priority lists, but it’s a necessary evil when it comes to celebrations. Finding gifts for a dude that loves nature and The Great Outdoors is even harder. Is he always setting up great outdoor vacations for your group of friends? Maybe he’s always ready to try some new outdoor sport that you would have never dreamed of. If either of these scenarios rings true for him, you’ll need to grab a present that exudes that rugged aesthetic. Whether you’re the outdoorsman yourself looking for gift ideas or you need something great for the pal that’s always on the go in the wilderness, these gift ideas are a guaranteed hit.

  1. A Once in a Lifetime Experience – Outdoorsmen are often thrill seekers, and one easy way to get his adrenaline pumping without having to do any of the heavy work is through a gift certificate to Cloud9Living.com. This website pulls up all the local activities you can try out in a given area, from roadster racing to skydiving and everything in between. Whether you grab him a voucher for a white water rafting adventure or bungee jumping experience, he’s sure to appreciate this unique gift idea. After all, material things come and go, but memories last a lifetime.
  1. A Hot Tub Hammock – Combine the comfort of a slouching hammock and the warm waters of a hot tub and you’ve got yourself a hot tub hammock. This unique gift idea is sure to have his jaw dropping—and guaranteed to make the camping experience a bit more comfortable. Take a look at the Hydro Hammock and get a glimpse at luxury under the stars. Simply affix the hammock to two sturdy points, fill with water and heat for a relaxing soak in the wilderness. It’s a definite investment, but you can’t ignore the awesome benefits of this futuristic outdoor hot tub.
  1. New Gear – If he’s constantly heading outdoors, he’s probably constantly updating his gear. The wear and tear of regular outdoor adventures can run down even the strongest of packs and hiking essentials. High-quality gear can come with high-end costs, but there are ways to find deals and discounts on the items you think he’d use. Sites like BackCountry.com offer designer outdoor apparel and gear, but the price tag isn’t always as enticing. From new packs to Patagonia jackets, you can save big with the right discounts, and he’ll never know the difference – high-end gear without a high-end price tag is possible, you just have to know where to look.
  1. A Notebook – Looking for a budget-friendly gift that he’s guaranteed to use? A dedicated notebook can help him record his adventures as they happen. Many head outdoors to take in new knowledge and expand both their physical and mental horizons. As Henry David Thoreau once wrote: “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”Help the guy in question channel his inner Thoreau with a pad where he can jot down all of his wonderings, wanderings, and conjectures while in nature. Find personalized journals made of leather at Rustico.com. He’ll appreciate this thoughtful item for years to come, especially when he takes the time to look back at his musings.
  1. A Water Source – Staying hydrated is priority number one on an outdoor adventure. He probably already has a dedicated water bottle, but what about those times where he needs to refill? No matter where he is, he can make any water safe to drink with the amazing LifeStraw. It’s light and easy to pack, and so long as he’s hiking in an area rife with streams and rivers, he’ll always have clean water to drink.If you’re looking for gift ideas for the outdoorsman, this list has you covered. From hot soaks in the middle of nowhere to once in a lifetime adventures he’ll never forget, one of these five items is guaranteed to make his travels easier and more comfortable.

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