The Unwritten Rules Of Brewing Beer At Home

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The best thing about the internet is that it offers a free education. If you want to know all the conspiracies surrounding the death of JFK, you can. If you want to know what the population of Papa New Guinea, you can. If you want to know what kit is needed to make beer at home, you can. In fact, we really recommend this last one. It is something that all guys should experiment with at some stage in their life.

With this in mind, and with all the benefits of the internet, there are some things that require real-world experience to get absolutely right, and this is absolutely the case with brewing beer at home. Sure, jetting off to epic breweries is still a must-do, but this should be entertained as well.

Here are some top tips from experienced homebrewers. Enjoy.

Get All Experimental With Flavors

The thing with brewing your own beer is that you have the freedom to experiment with pretty much anything you think is going to lend itself to an exciting beer. It could be a chocolatey infusion, a bit of chili and spice, maybe a fruit finish; pretty much anything. On this front, it is well worth cheating a little bit by seeing what extracts can offer. The idea for different flavors can pop up from anywhere, so make sure you are paying attention. For example, the beer that went on to win the Longshot Competition in 2012 was brewed with Hibiscus flowers simply because the dude’s mother-in-law said it was her favorite tea flavor.

Look, No Hands

Yeah, this is pretty much a golden rule that no amateur pays attention to. But of you don’t want your first attempt to be a total failure then it is worth noting that you should never put your hands in the wort, for any reasons. The same goes for other equipment. By all means, stick it in, just make sure it is sanitized first. The reason for this you’ll contaminate the brew before it has even got to the fermentation stage of the process. That’ll be a pretty annoying thing to realize when it is too late.

Make A Note Of Everything

This may seem like a bit of a chore and a fun-sponge in the home brewing game, but you’ll be glad you kept a log of your brewing steps when you’re finished. The reason: if something does go slightly wrong – or very, very wrong – you’ll have a log to help you identify exactly what the problem was and how to remedy it next time. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be an archaic system because there are plenty of software bits and bobs to make life smoother. For example, Beersmith, which can be found out, weirdly enough, Yup, this is a surefire way to feel like a pro even though it is your first time anywhere near this kind of thing.

When You’re Comfortable, Upgrade

Okay, so you’re gonna start out with a basic kit – a starter pack – and that is totally cool because these have gotten better and better over the years. However, they still have their limits. So if you suddenly realize that you have found your calling in life, and found a passion you are totally passionate and nuts about, then we recommend you upgrade to better equipment as you upgrade your brewing skills.

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