Testosterone-Filled Ideas For Your Next Boys Weekend

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Every so often a man needs to go away for a weekend with his man-friends to do manly things. It is a bonding exercise. It is that release valve that we all need to open once in a while to let out that adolescent yearning to do stupid things. It is a way of hanging out with the boys like you used to back in school or college or your early days of semi-professionalism. But knowing what to do for a weekend away can be a challenge.

That is why we have come up with a list of testosterone-filled activities for you and your boys to experience as brothers in arms. Yeehaw.

Time To Take On A Tank

If you’re looking for places to shoot off to for a weekend, Minnesota may not be at the top of your list because, well let’s face it, it can be freezing. But it can also be totally rad. You see, Minnesota is home to one of the most badass experiences you can ever hope to partake in; driving a real military-grade tank. You don’t just get to drive it either; you get to take it around a course in a wood and crush cars under your tracks, and shoot the machine gun at fire missile and do all that manly stuff as a team. Now that is awesome.

Road Trip… In Patagonia

Road trips are cool as they stand, you and your boys heading to a wild weekend somewhere a few hundred miles away to go camping and what not. But why not take the road trip to a whole new level by doing it in the wilds of Patagonia. There is a company called Quaser Expeditions that gives you a jeep with all the expedition trimmings and lets you explore the breathtaking landscape of this mad region. There are national parks, glaciers, horseback tours, sailing pit stops and some of the strongest wine and best food anywhere in the world.

Shoot The Heck out Of Each Other

Shooting targets at a range are cool and make you feel manly, but it is nothing compared to the thrill of shooting each other or teaming up with each other and taking on another party of man-friends. You have two choices here. First of all, you stock up on electric airsoft guns, start your training early and then head to the Apache Arena in Alabama and take to four acres of hostile territory. Or, you head to California, pick-up your paintball guns and thrash it out in courses that have names like Cajun terror and use real life movie props. How cool does that sound?

Just Go To Telluride

Yup. Telluride, Colorado. It’s one of the few places that has rightly garnered a reputation for having everything an adrenaline junky could possibly want, which makes it the perfect place for a boys trip. There is heli-skiing, 4X4 off-roading, ATV trails to conquer, rock climbing, waterfall climbing, motorcycle touring and a whole bunch of other gnarly stuff, including beer breweries to end the day at. Come on, this sounds like the coolest place on earth.

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