Wild Camping: It Requires Exactly What You Think

Wild Camping, boots, kitchen, tent, food

Wild camping is about as manly as it gets. The idea of being stuck in the middle of nowhere, living off the land to survive, the harsh but beautiful wilderness playing backdrop to our adventure. It is something every dude has to experience at least one in their life, but hopefully once a year. Camping isn’t about parking up at a site and finding your peg number. Camping is about waking up to birdsong, your breath freezing in front of your face, your water supplies running low and that grumble in your gut telling you it’s time to find more food.

However, as attractive as this carefree, hardcore and Hemingway escapism may sound to you, it is not just a matter of packing a bag, tossing it in the car and driving to the nowhere meadows at the bottom of Mount Nowhere. After all, wild camping requires a little bit of foresight and a little understanding of what equipment is going to make your experience that much more incredible.

Your Boots

This is wild camping, and that means a decent pair of hiking boots are going to be required if you want to safely navigate what can be seriously tough terrain. You won’t know what you are getting. It could be that you have to navigate your way up a steep incline, a rocky field, a mountain or just about anything else you can imagine. And trust us, the last thing you want is a twisted ankle or knee. Comfort and safety are going to be your best friends out in the wild.

Your Tent

When it comes to picking a tent there are three main qualities you will want to concentrate on. These are the durability, the weight, and the robustness. You are not going to a music festival, you are going wild camping, and that means you will want something that can be packed up and carried easily, as well as something that can withstand the wear and tear of a harsh land. Another thing to note for the importance of comfort is the size. If there are two of you sharing your tent, then don’t buy a two man tent. Buy a three man at the very least. Trust us.

Your Food

Given there probably won’t be a McDonald’s nearby, it is up to you to know what is edible. You won’t always be able to catch food, so it could be that you need to know what vegetation is safe to ingest. That’s where a survival book could come in handy. Regarding catching a serious dinner, though, we recommend you get an inflatable kayak from inflatablesguide.com and pack a fishing rod too. It is also worth packing a crossbow, for which you don’t need a license. It is better to have one than not.

You Kitchen

For the sake of carrying around the least amount of equipment as possible, we suggest you get your hands on a decent pot that can be placed directly onto open flames and learn how to cook one-pot meals. That means stews and soups and rice dishes. If you think packing certain things like rice and pasta is cheating, you’d be wrong. It is going to be one of those things you will be thanking the gods for.

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