Ouraring’s “How Did You Sleep Last Night?” Helsinki Design Museum

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ŌURA is proud to be participating in “Enter and Encounter”, a joint exhibition by Helsinki Design Museum and the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo. Taking place from March 24th – October 22, 2017 at Helsinki Design museum, this unique exhibition celebrates contemporary Finnish design and Finland’s centenary anniversary.

Around 100 active ŌURA users around the world will be sharing their sleep data during the exhibition to illustrate how the world sleeps.

”It is a wonderful opportunity to our company and to all ŌURA ring users to be part of an exhibition like this. Sleeping is a unique and healthy way to make art, and Finland’s centenary makes the occasion even more special to us”, says Kari Kivelä, CTO and Head of Design.

ŌURA currently has users located in over 50 countries. About two-thirds of its users are in the US. Among individual users there are many athletes, artists, health hackers, entrepreneurs, sleep clinicians, researchers, health care professionals, and people suffering from sleep challenges. Also, several top universities, research organizations, sleep clinics, and companies are already utilizing the rich data the ŌURA provides.

About Ouraring

Ouraring is a health technology company founded in 2013. The company’s HQ and major manufacturing facilities are located in Oulu, Finland. Other locations include Helsinki, San Francisco (CA), Boulder (CO) and New York City. The company’s first product, ŌURA wellness ring and app, was launched in 2015. In addition to the CES 2016 Best of Innovation award, the product has received among others the Fitness Award of the American Women’s Health Magazine in May 2016.

For more information visit: www.ouraring.com

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