Don’t Go Breakin’ My Car: Great Auto Maintenance Tips

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Sorry to ask a personal question, but how much did you spend on your car? $5,000? $10,000? Some people even spend up to $20,000 on a new motor, which is a lot of money. And, it is because it’s a lot of money that you want to avoid any damage. By any damage, I mean ANY damage. That includes everything from scrapes and scratches to a new bumper and a broken windshield. When the car isn’t in peak physical condition, it looks and feels old, which isn’t why you fork out all that cash. Drivers pay a premium to cruise around in comfort and look the real deal.

Here are a few maintenance tips which will help you realize the dream.

Always Check Under The Hood

The car might seem like it is in good condition, but it could be moments away from a meltdown. Industrial machines have a tendency to break without incident, and cars are no exception. The trick is to pop the hood and take a look at the inner workings of the care. Does everything look okay? Is there a strange smell coming from the engine? What about overheating? There is no need for any great knowledge because a major problem will stand out a mile, so a watchful eye is all you need. While you’re there, top up the oil and the coolant to ensure they run smoothly.

Listen For Noises

Noises are the best indicator that something is wrong. Cars make a lot of noise, yet you can tell the ‘good’ ones from the bad ones. A rattling, for example, isn’t a sound you want to hear. In fact, it is one of the worst sounds because it means something is loose. And, when a part is free, it can bang around on the inside of the car and cause havoc. The only option is to take the vehicle to a mechanic and ask them to figure it out. Unless you have an extensive knowledge of automobiles, there is no way you can do it alone.

Double Check

It is amazing how drivers think they are out of the woods only for the problem to reoccur. The reason this happens is obvious – the issue wasn’t fixed in the first place. In fact, car accident lawyers report that one reason they are so popular is due to laziness. They feel that car owners believe the problem is behind them, but they don’t do enough to be sure and so accidents ensue. With that in mind, always ask for a second opinion if you have to go into the shop. Or, go for a test drive to see if the rattling noise has gone away. Don’t hope the issue goes away – be certain.

Change Driving Style

As the person behind the wheel, you have the power to make sure that the car is in excellent shape. All you have to do is drive smoothly.  Drivers shouldn’t over-rev the engine or overuse the clutch because the inside of the car will shoulder tons of pressure and break. So, keep the fast bursts of speed to a minimum, and don’t grind the gears, and your car will thank you.

Oh, and don’t forget to give it a clean. A wipe down with a towel might not seem like it does much good, but it might surprise you.


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