More Daylight, More Magic

AXE Advanced Collection

AXE® Celebrates Spring Equinox with Technology Designed to Protect Guys’ All-Day Style

As yesterday marks the Spring Equinox, longer days and warmer temps test guys’ looks and they need more from their products in order to dial-up their personal style. Now guys can take full advantage of the 12 hours of sunlight with the AXE Advanced Collection, including the first-ever men’s body washes in the U.S. to feature 12-hour touch-release technology.

More than nine in ten millennial men (94%) wish they could keep the shower-fresh feeling with them all day1, and with the new AXE Adrenaline Cool Charge and Urban Charcoal Clean Body Washes, they can look and feel as good as they did when they first got out of the shower.

“Today’s guy requires product innovations and advanced technology that keep up with his style,” says Donna Foster, Senior Scientist, Unilever. “The AXE Advanced Collection body washes are designed with millions of microscopic encaps that are deposited onto the skin so every time his body is touched throughout the day, it creates a burst of fragrance.”

Developed by renowned fragrance house Firmenich, AXE Adrenaline Cool Charge and Urban Charcoal Clean Body Wash fragrances contain notes of chilly iced mint and refreshing ginger, and charcoal with a touch of watermint respectively. With intoxicating fragrances and state-of-the-art technology, guys can feel confidently fresh all day, all season.

About the Advanced Collection

In addition to the new 12-hour touch-release technology found in the new AXE Adrenaline Cool Charge and Urban Charcoal Clean Body Washes, the premium Advanced Collection also includes deodorant products designed to help guys look their best. New AXE Anti-Marks Protection Antiperspirants, available in sticks and dry sprays, go beyond standard odor and wetness protection to include anti-yellow stains and anti- white marks technology so guys can keep their white shirts white and black shirts black throughout the season.

Visit AXE at and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook to learn more about the Advanced Collection, find style inspiration, get access to exclusive content, special promotions, and more.

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