The New Trends You Can Expect To See In Men’s Grooming

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When it comes to men’s grooming, it’s fair to say that it’s changed dramatically in a short amount of time. It just keeps on changing too. Many men are becoming far more concerned with how they look, and are spending a lot more time on their appearance as a result.


Men are becoming more aware on the lines on their forehead. It isn’t just women who don’t want those pesky wrinkles on show anymore! Brotox is simply botox for men. A large percentage of men are now having the injections in their forehead lines and the lines between their eyebrows to get a much younger appearance.

Plumper Lips

Men aren’t only having injections to smooth out their faces, either. They want plumper lips. Most men aren’t going too crazy with this, but some are making sure they have a set of lips that is in proportion with their face. You probably won’t see any men with Kylie Jenner lips in the near future, but it’s becoming more commonplace for them to have fillers.

Skin Peels And Facials

A simple skin peel and facial is all it takes to even out skin tone, get rid of fine lines, and reduce the appearance of blemishes. That’s why many men are going to salons to get themselves pampered. There are facials of different kinds, for all different skin types, but most men are going for those that are designed to give them a baby-smooth complexion.

Healthier Facial Hair

So, we probably all know somebody with the ‘hipster’ beard. You know, one of those long beards that are unruly and unkempt. They looked cool for a while, but now it’s all about the healthier, more groomed facial hair. More men are investing in trimers that allow them to shape their facial hair to perfection. Beard oils are becoming more popular too. They’re designed to make wiry beards super soft.

Better Scents

Who doesn’t love a man who smells divine? Men are paying more attention to the scents that stand out these days, from Bolvaint to Tom Ford. These scents are the ones that turn heads. You can basically smell their price tags as they waft past!

Natural Skin Care Products

Men are focusing on buying more natural skincare products. Many men now admit to looking for products that contain vitamins and antioxidants, as they know how good they can be for their skin.

Activated Whitening Charcoal

No, you’re not imagining it. Men really do have bright white, sparkling teeth these days. They haven’t achieved this with a plain whitening toothpaste though. Activated charcoal is the new ‘in thing’ for teeth whitening. It can look scary while you’re using it, but it actually helps to contribute towards whiter teeth and a healthier mouth. If you’d rather not use this black stuff to brush your teeth, coconut oil is really popular too.

Will you be taking any of the trends here into your grooming routine? Leave a comment below with your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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