3 Most Stressful Experiences When Driving Your Car

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Generally speaking, I love my car. I love driving everywhere, it’s a lot of fun and makes my daily commute to work exceptionally easy. However, through all my years of driving, I’ve realized there are a few situations that are extremely stressful and very frustrating. So, I thought I’d discuss them today in the form of a blog post! Check out the three most stressful experiences when driving your car, right here:

Being Stuck In A Traffic Jam

Personally, I rate traffic jams as the most stressful experience when driving a car. There’s really nothing you can do if you get caught in traffic. You can’t drive anywhere, you’re just confined to your spot, crawling along half a meter every fifteen minutes. To make matters worse, time keeps moving, and you’re always on edge thinking you’re going to be late. It gets to the point where you start thinking about getting out and walking the distance instead. But, you can’t, as you’d just leave your car in the middle of the road and probably get charged by the police for something. So, the only option is toughing it out and just trying to stay calm as the traffic moves slower than an ant walking through peanut butter.

Getting Into An Accident

Next up is the ever so fun experience of getting into a car accident! Aside from being potentially very dangerous, car accidents are also a complete pain in the backside. They involve lots of things us guys hate doing; being patient, following procedures, waiting around, etc. Often, you just want to get on with your day, particularly if no one was hurt and your car is okay. But, there’s a whole stressful process involved that starts with the fun experience of reporting a car accident. You have to phone the police, and they’ll pretty much do nothing if no one is hurt, but it has to be reported. Then, there’s the exchange of details, the checking for damages, sometimes the calling of your insurer to get your car towed. All in all, not a very fun experience, and the stress goes on after as you have to sort out your insurance claim and loads of other stuff that takes time and effort.

Following Directions

If there’s one thing us guys hate, it’s asking for directions. Women think we’re stubborn, I prefer to think of it more in the sense that we just like to problem solve. Plus, we hate following directions. They never make sense, they’re usually wrong, and they just cause loads of stress. Regardless of whether it’s directions from a stranger or ones online or ones on the sat nav, they all suck. Especially if you’re either in the middle of a busy city with loads of roads and turnings or in the middle of nowhere with hardly any roads. We end up wasting time getting stressed out trying to follow these stupid directions when we should’ve just trusted our own road sign reading ability to start with, ugh.

I’m sure most of you can relate to these experiences, and probably have a few others that could be added to this list too!

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  1. Basil Rene says:

    I used to hate traffic jams, but now I just see them as an opportunity to reflect, listen to an audio book, or just chill and listen to some comedy radio. If I have an appointment to get to, I now just think that i’ll get there when I get there. There is a reason that I am not supposed to be somewhere at that particular time so i just sit back and enjoy the crawl


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