Top Gifts For Your Son

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Buying a gift for a boy, however old, is seemingly fairly straightforward. Which in turn makes it harder to come up with something different. Something unique that they will use or remember for a longer period of time. You may have some ideas that you have been bandying around, but the best thing you can do is take some ideas from somewhere else. Ideas that are direct but also let you think outside the box that will lead to other kinds of ideas. You can think of gifts that let them live better, gifts for recreation, and totally out there gifts they could never have thought of. Here are some ideas for you, the age range varies, as do the gifts. You may find the inspiration you need to find something incredible.

Tickets For A Concert/Show/Event

If you find the right tickets for a favourite show then you will be the most popular person in the house. What do they enjoy? Do they like football? Buy some tickets for a coming match. If they love a certain musician do the same for them. This needs a little research but it can see you be a huge hit with a wonderful gift. You can even go all out and look at vip experiences, taking the gift up a level by giving them special access to certain areas. It can be a brilliant gift, but remember to buy them two tickets. You don’t want them having to go to a show on their own. If you decide to do this get looking right away because tickets for certain events sell out really fast. If it is already sold out, you may want to look on places like ebay for people selling their tickets.

New Bike

A new bike can be a great gift that transcends the age barriers. It is a good mode of transportation up until they can drive. Think about what they enjoy doing and buy a suitable bike. If they use a current one for transportation then buy one for the road. If they like getting onto rough uneven ground with their friends then consider a mountain bike so they can go off roading. If biking is a hobby, you may want to forgo the surprise because there will be certain things they want or need from a bike that you know little about. So let them put their input in. It does not ruin the gift, because this way you are making sure they get exactly what they want from the gift, making it an instant hit.

Ancestry Testing Kit

If your child has a certain love for history or his ancestors then this can be an amazing surprise. In the kit is a swab, and all you have to do is put a little saliva on it, send it off and before you know it you’ll have the results. They tell you where your DNA is from and split it up into a graph. There are a few companies who do this so shop around for the best deal. Learning where one’s heritage is from is something appreciated only by few, so make sure it is something they enjoy first. You’ll probably be really surprised by the results. This can make for a good surprise gift, but remember it is something they won’t really be able to get much use out of, but it will be knowledge that stays with them for life.

Games Console

They may have one, so upgrade it for them. In this day and age most children use them. They aren’t like they used to be. They are now social platforms from where people talk and play games together. If they don’t have one they are at kind of a disadvantage because all their other friends will. This can be a huge hit. Find out what consoles their friends use and get the same one so they can all play together. If they already have the latest console then you might want to get them some form of gaming accessory instead. Virtual reality has made huge strides in recent months. Although expensive, it can be a superb addition to any gaming setup. Check out playstation VR and see what it can do. It’s something your whole family can try out too. You could dial it down a notch and just get them a game. New ones are being released all of the time, so you can focus on what they like and have and either get them something similar and be safe or something different.


Again, an expensive gift. But one with great promise. First, because it means they can do school work and such. But also because it is just a good, useful thing to have. Especially if they are growing up and soon on their way to university. Try and get one capable of running taxing tasks, as they will be using different programs when they are in university. Check the graphics card and make sure it is one that can run basic games too. A laptop will make you number one, just make sure it is a decent laptop.

Gym Membership

If they enjoy fitness, then this can be a stunning gift that they can use for a long time. Remember, it will cost you a monthly fee for them, and they will need to be over a certain age to use the equipment. Make sure the gym is decent, and has good safety protocols and staff who are always on hand to help. For the lads who love fitness this can be a stand out gift that allows them to focus on what they love in a place dedicated to it. Try to get a gym that is nearby, because if they don’t drive getting there all the time will be tough.


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