Respect Is The Seal To Good Business Connections


Let’s get real, Gents. We all want to be taken seriously, don’t we? Both in the office and at home, it’s nice to think people respect us. More important, it can increase workplace efficiency! Even so, being taken seriously is easier said than done. Many factors have a part to play in the way people perceive us. So, make sure they perceive you right by getting to grips with these simple methods! Even if you don’t like to spend time on your appearance, it’s worth getting this right!

The Right Suit

Okay, so you don’t need to strut around home in a suit. Even so, the right suit is the best way to ensure you’re taken seriously in your work environment. If you don’t have a professional outfit, people will get the wrong impression. Don’t settle on the first, or cheapest suit you find. Shop around. It’s worth paying a decent amount for your selection. A tailor made suit is the best choice you could make. It may cost extra, but it’ll give a perfect impression. Your work colleagues will be able to see you mean business from the off. Plus, you know that you’ll get plenty of wear out the thing. Think of it as an investment! As well as getting the right suit, you need to reflect on how you wear it. Tucking your shirt in at all times is a must. Take some time, too, to perfect your tie game. A loose knotted tie will not give off the impression you’re aiming for! It’s also worth spending a little time on your manscaping routine. The right suit won’t do you any favors if your face is a mess!

The Right Accessories

If you’re not a man who cares much about accessories, it’s time to start. The accessories you wear are as important as your suit itself. They will help add that professional touch. First, take some time over picking the right briefcase. Even if you don’t think you need one, it’s worth investing. Briefcases can be useful, and they look great. Only an important person has the need for a bag of papers, right? Plus, you’ll find it’ll work wonders for your organization. Think, too, about things like jewelry and watches. You don’t want to go extreme with this. A few pieces, like masonic rings and a decent watch are all it takes. These will show people that you’re serious about how you come across! Don’t forget to stock up on some good quality cufflinks, too. They’ll look good and help keep you neat!

The Right Manner

Of course, it’s not all down to appearance. Your manner will have an enormous impact on how people perceive you. It can be hard to strike a balance between stern and businesslike. To get the deals you need, you have to be likable. Even so, you don’t want people to think they can run rings around you. Work on striking a balance. It’s not easy, but you can do it.



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