HIYAH! And Several Better Reasons To Try Martial Arts

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We’ve all probably had daydreams of a child of being some sort of high-flying kung-fu master. No, taking martial arts classes isn’t going to make that reality. It can give you some real applicable knowledge on how to defend yourself, for sure. But the reality is that martial arts have a lot more to offer your personal development and even your state of mind than you might image.

Have some fun for a change

Getting fit is important, there’s no doubt about that. But the simple fact is that one of the reasons so many of us have trouble sticking to it is because the motivation just isn’t there. Going to the gym might be able to offer you everything you need, but it’s not exactly fun for most people. Taking the alternative route to getting fit can be a much better way.

Work out some stress

There’s no denying that when you’re feeling stressed and tense, there’s a good deal of relief to be had from working out. Doing it in a constructive manner is even better. You’re not just letting off steam by throwing out everything you have at that martial arts training dummy. You’re doing it while learning how to properly use your body to defend yourself. Positive uses of tension keep you from heading towards the worse habits out there.

Learn some discipline

That application of your energy towards improving yourself brings us to another important point. Martial arts are great at teaching discipline and self-discipline. You learn to leave your growth entirely up to your teacher (so make sure you have a good teacher). When you get to the point that you’re actively striving to do better, then you realize that self-discipline and taking care of yourself is just as much as part of the journey. That self-discipline then goes on to serve you in the rest of your life.

Master a craft

Achievement is an important thing. We all want to feel that our time is being well-spent. It’s why people list how many reps they do and what weight they can bench or deadlift. Most martial arts have that kind of achievement built into them, whether it’s in belts or other ranks. Truly mastering martial arts can take a life of dedication, but the growing sense of achievement is what keeps a lot of people going even when it gets hard.

Learn how to take a hit

Oh yes, you are going to get hurt taking martial arts classes. If that sounds too intimidating to you, then you might be the one most in need of those classes. Learning to take a hit is a very important skill to have. Not only does it teach you emotional resilience, but it has a lot to teach us about the nature of our own fear and overcoming it, whether it’s physical or mental.

Getting into martial arts of any kind, from karate and taekwondo to boxing and MMA, can make you a much better person, physical and mentally. If you’re looking for a reason to kickstart your improvement, then shouting HIIYAH while throwing punches and kicks can be the motivation you need.

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