Futuristic Tech Every Film Fan Needs

futuristic, films, tech, UHD, Ultra High Definition, fiber optic

Tech is constantly evolving to make home movie experiences all the more cinematic. If you’re an eager film buff here are few bits of gadgetry that you should be owning right now.


HD televisions may have been all the rage a decade ago, but now the new craze is UHD (Ultra High Definition). Sporting twice the amount of pixels, these TV give off an almost photo-realistic image that’s sure to make your movies all the more exciting. If you’re not sure the difference in quality if worthwhile, why not check out this article and decide for yourself.

Surround sound speakers

Nothing gets you in the mood for popcorn like a home cinema speaker system, certain to increase the thrill of horror movies and make action more intense. There are all kinds of surround sound speakers on the market, many of which are wireless so that you’re not trailing cables around the living room. For those that don’t have the space or budget for multiple speakers, a sound bar can be a good alternative, distributing the sound through the air in a more three-dimensional cinematic way.

A fiber optic network

If you’re often streaming movies on your TV, having a fiber optic network could cut down on all those painful times staring at the buffering screen. Many fiber optic networks also allow enough bandwidth for multiple people to stream multiple movies under the same roof. You can also start a streamed movie on one TV and finish it in another room – useful if you’re watching something in the kitchen and need to move through to the living room.

futuristic, films, tech, UHD, Ultra High Definition, fiber optic, streaming

Movie apps

Gone are the days when you could only store a couple movies on your phone for that long train journey or trip away. You can now download cloud-powered movie streaming services to your phone, giving you access to an endless library. There are many apps available all over the web. Such apps are particularly useful if you own a tablet.

All-in-one player

One of the most frustrating dilemmas that veteran cinephiles face is what to do with their movie collections, which can sometimes cross a multitude of mediums from video to blu-ray. Whilst chucking away those physical films in exchange for going digital is an option, it can seem like a massive waste after spending so much time and money building up those collections over the years (plus the physical packaging and behind the scenes features can often offer a new dimension). One simple solution is to buy an all-in-one player that can play videos, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. There are all kinds of models available on the market, sporting all manner of functions. Some models even sport previously uninvented VHS functions such as being able to play a video in slow motion or fast forward directly to a specific point.


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