Big Reasons Why You’re Suffering From Frustrated Golfer’s Syndrome

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We have a lot of time for golf here at The Guy Corner. It’s great for your health and fitness, is the perfect sport for networking, and it’s a heck of a lot of fun. But – and it is a big ‘but’ – only if you are any good. Let’s face it; no sport is fun when you suck at it. And once you start experiencing frustrated golfers syndrome, it can be hard to shake off. The good news is there are likely to be a few common reasons why your golf game sucks. And we’re going to reveal all today – so read on to find out more.

You need to relearn the basics

The fundamentals of golf – your grip, stance, balance, and flow through amongst other things – are likely to be one of the biggest factors affecting your game. The trouble is, you can perfect all of these things, but little bad habits start appearing if you don’t practice, and over time they become bigger and bigger problems. Even the greats like Jack Nicklaus would focus on the fundamentals and spend thousands of hours working on each one. You can’t expect to have the time to do the same, but if you don’t want to suck at golf, you will need to put some effort in.

You don’t settle on a style

There are plenty of tips on how to improve your golf game out there, in magazines, books, and on websites. The trouble is, one expert will tell you one thing, while another will recommend the opposite – it’s too much information to deal with. It means you are always changing your game style, and never settling on a swing or chip stance and working on it – the method becomes the problem, not your technique. Your best bet is to get private tuition and work out your best possible style and technique.


You can’t judge distances

Judging distances aren’t something that comes to everyone naturally. And not all of us have the luxury of playing a round of golf with a top class caddy at our sides. That said, everyone can get better at finding their range and judging which wood or iron to use from which distance – try using a rangefinder. With a rangefinder golf becomes a little easier, as you can start defining the distance to certain fixed points. As you use it, the distances will start to become more apparent to the naked eye – and your game will improve substantially.

You don’t practice putting

Spending several hours a week thrashing golf balls on a driving range is a lot of fun, and will improve your long game. But without putting practice, too, it’s not going to make you a better all around golfer. What’s the point in getting on the green in one if it takes you seven or eight shots to put? Even a few minutes of putting practice every day can make a considerable difference – so don’t forget to add it to your schedule.

There you have it – we hope these tips will help you get out of your golf rut and start improving your game. Good luck!

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