Looking The Part: How To Present Yourself Properly When Starting A New Job

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Starting a new job is always a pretty daunting prospect. No one wants to start the job and then be humiliated on their first day. The focus is always on making a good first impression and being able to hit the ground running. Impressions matter though, and first impressions matter even more. So, if you’re wondering how you can create the right impression when you start a new job, you should make sure you look the part. Let the tips below help you out with that.

New Job, New Suit

When you start a new job, you need to have a new suit. This is the right mentality to have because it shows that you are starting afresh and going for a clean break. If you wear the same suit for years and years, you will grow to hate it eventually, and it probably won’t fit you properly. Over the years, the shape and needs of your body change, and your suit needs to reflect this. Get it fitted by a professional tailor and do everything you can to ensure that it is great to look at and made from the best quality materials.

Impress with the Right Accessories

The accessories that make up a part of your look matter too. When you pay attention to the details, it shows that you have put some real thought into how you look and the kind of image you want to convey to the world. That’s something that really does matter a lot, so don’t underestimate it. You could invest in crocodile wallets or a new pair of glasses that make your look more stylish. These small things matter a lot. Your wallet says a lot about you as a man. And the glasses you wear are vital because people will see them whenever they look at your face.

Never Underestimate the Importance of a Variety of Great Ties

Great ties are so important. When you have plenty of good ties in your wardrobe, you can be sure that you’re going to be ready for each and every occasion. And you need to switch them around often. Don’t be one of those dull guys in the office who always wear the same ties. They don’t have to be bland, plain and boring, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking they do. Ties can make you stand out and look different to everyone else in the office. Find some that you think suit you and go well with the suits you like to wear.

Don’t Neglect Your Feet

Your feet are important when it comes to showing off your office style. If you have a good pair of brogues that are the right colour, then you’re off to a good start. They should correspond to the colour of the suit that you’re wearing. If the suit is black, a good pair of brown shoes with a subtle but stylish design will be perfect. If you forget to pay attention to the shoes you wear, it will really show. Good shoes can be expensive, but sometimes, they represent an investment worth making.

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