Had An Accident? Speak To These People NOW

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Up to fifty million people are injured in car accidents in America every year. Three hundred thousand car accidents happened in New York State alone. What does this tell us? It tells us that driving can be dangerous and an accident is just around the corner. Although you can’t always stop an accident from happening, you can react to it in a proper manner. How do you react properly? You do that informing the right people as soon as possible. Here’s who you need to speak to if you are in an accident.

A Police Officer

Your first call needs to be to a police officer to report the accident. It is a crime not to report an accident because the crash shit might be a danger to other drivers. If you just drive off, any other accidents that result from your crash are your responsibility. By making a quick call to the police department, you can inform them of the accident and wait for their response. They might ask you a few questions over the phone and say you are okay to leave. Regardless, you need them to sign off before you can leave the scene.

Your Insurance Company

First thing’s first: you do have insurance? Good, because driving without insurance is also a crime. Also, a tight insurance policy will prevent you from drawing the short straw and paying the damages. Whether it is your fault, the company will step in on your behalf. But, they won’t if they don’t know about the incident. After all, they aren’t psychic. So, as soon as you finish talking to the police, call your insurance and ask for their help. They will need a variety of information from your details to the details of the other driver. When they have everything, they will do the negotiating.

A Good Lawyer

Hopefully, the accident wasn’t your fault. Although it sounds a bit perverse, it would be worse if you were to blame. If you are the victim, you need to get in touch with a lawyer.  Certain lawyers specialise in car accidents and have a wealth of experience. They also have a level of expertise that you don’t posses. Let’s face it, you are no lawyer. This means they can help you get a good deal, a deal that you deserve. All that you have to do is find one that you like and trust.

A Family Member Or Friend

When it is all over, you shouldn’t drive home. In fact, howstuffworks.com believes it is in the top five mistakes you can make after an accident. The reasoning is simple: you are too shaken to drive. Some people suffer from stress and struggle to drive months after an accident, so you shouldn’t get behind the wheel after thirty minutes. That is why you need to call someone to pick you up and drive you home. The last thing you want is two accidents in a day.

Now you know who to call, put them on our speed dial just in case.


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