Dry January Is Now Over

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Well, your 31 days surviving the desert with a mouth as dry as Ghandi’s flip flop are now over, so it is time to whet that appetite and not stopping (while remaining completely responsible of course). However, it may be that your alcohol-free January has given you a sort of new found determination to stay off the booze, get in shape, keep your liver firing. That is why we are going to do everything we can to stop that from happening, and it starts with a list of must-try booze. You’ll thank us for it in the end (probably in a 4am phone call where you repeatedly use the phrase, “I love you, you’re my best friend”).

Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta

It’s a pale ale and it is from about as far south as anyone can go to get a drink; New Zealand. What makes this a must-try beverage is the fact it uses a serious amount of Earl Grey Blue Flower tea to give it a distinct and delicious taste. It’s like drinking an ale that tastes of citrus fruits and ice tea, making it a combination of the new world and the old. What’s more, given it’s a sort of tea, we reckon you can probably drink it (responsibly) for breakfast.

Mr. Black

Is there a better name for a drink; it just oozes smooth sophistication, and it tastes of it too. What it is, in short, is a cold-pressed coffee liqueur that could be the best thing out of Australia since Lleyton Hewitt took to the court way back whenever it was. It’s also easy to see how this drink came into existence because the Aussie love a coffee, and love a drink too, so why not to the right thing and chuck ‘em together?

Outlaw Stout

There has been a serious resurgence in Colorado craft brews over recent years, and for good reason too. The guys and gals in that Sunshine State know how to put together a hearty stout. They also know how to make a great beer, top-notch pilsner and pale ales too. But this stout, ah man, it’s about as smooth and mellow as one can get. Chocolate, vanilla, coffee, nutty, velvety and pretty much every other underused adjective there is that can successfully replace the word tasty.

Del Maguey

This is legendary. It’s one of the finest mezcal’s anyone could ever hope to drink, sip, guzzle or whatever. The locals know it better as Pechuga Mezcal, which means chicken breast, which has something to do with a chicken breast being hung inside the fruit basket during this drinks third distillation. Yes, it gets distilled three times. Yes, with a chicken breast getting a look in. Of course, the country of origin can only be Mexico, where they are brave enough to create such genius.


Ah, Norfolk, you gorgeous bump on the east coast of England. You know how to make a bitter better than anywhere else. Light and yet packed full of flavour, with this splendid aftertaste that can only be narrowed down to a sort of citrus vibe. It’s the perfect remedy to a long beach walk.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out to Colorado for its craft brews!


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