Making Sure Your Dream U.S. Road Trip Doesn’t Turn Into A Costly & Unsafe Nightmare

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If you’ve ever dreamed of heading on an epic road trip down the infamous Route 66, then what are you waiting for? It’s been there since 1926, just waiting for you to drive along it in your favourite muscle car. 91 years is long time to wait, and even though it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, it would be rude to make it wait any longer! There are, however, a few formalities and things to remember when embarking on your muscle car adventure.

Firstly, there are some car-hire essentials that must be sought out. If you are flying in from outside of the US, costs at car-hire airport companies include ‘concession fees’ and ‘facility charges’, so you must expect to have to pay prices other than the ones you already prepared and bargained for. Sometimes, these prices are even rolling, and increase with every day that passes on your trip. These fees are then partnered with insurance possibilities that will be made clear to you by the staff at the car-hire facility in a typical car salesman tone of voice; you’ll be made to feel reckless and silly by these people if you don’t take out the cover they’re trying to sell you, and after a long flight you may not be thinking straight. This is why it is not only important to seek information on any cover that you feel will be necessary to you on your trip prior to you even landing in the U.S of A, but, when there and faced by the car-hire service man or woman, to stick to your guns and not take anything out that you don’t want to. And if you are in fact an American citizen but wish to begin your trip from a specific starting point that isn’t your home, then using Ship My Car services would be recommended in order to transport your vehicle to the required destination.

If you’re lucky enough to be taking your own muscle car on this journey with you, and your home is your starting point, then just completely ignore everything above. However, do NOT ignore the fact that the car you will be driving on this trip is different to other cars, so when driving you need to expect a different car performance. For instance, you should not expect the car to have a computer to modulate the outbursts of power. This means there will be no anti-lock brakes, traction control, or air bags: it’s all on you to control it. Also, don’t mistake normal roads for the freeway. After hours spent soaring down the open freeway, and then having to come into a congested city road environment, it would be easy to not switch to a less powerful and slower style of driving, especially in muscle car as they are high-performance automobiles with high-displacement engines and are engineered for straight-line speed, but you MUST in order to not only protect your life, but the lives of others.

If you remember all of these hints and tips, you’ll have a stress-free, safe and very enjoyable roadtrip!

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