Give Gimbal’s Cherry Lovers This Valentine’s Day

Gimbal's, Cherry Lovers, candies, Valentin'e Day, sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is coming and we all know everyone gets their sweetheart roses and chocolates but why not get them a little different this year for their sweet tooth. Cherry Lovers could be that something different.

Cherry Lovers fruit chews are made with Real Cherry Juice and are High in Antioxidant Vitamin C. Feel good about every bite. With Chocolate Cherry, Bing Cherry, Cherry Daiquiri and more who knew there were so many ways to enjoy Cherry? Experience Cherry Lovers nine juicy combinations of cherry flavors. Life’s indeed a bowl of cherries!

Gimbal’s candies are free of several major allergens, like gluten, peanuts, dairy, tree nuts and more:

  • Cherry Lovers are little heart-shaped confections, made with real cherry juice
  • Cherry Lovers come in nine different cherry-combo flavors

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