Next Time You Travel, TripIt

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Do you enjoy going on trips or vacations but hate the hassle of trying to figure out all the different itineraries that you have scattered all over the place? Do you feel there should be a better way to keep everything in one place? Well TripIt is that better way and they are improving it all the time. TripIt is making it even easier than before with some new updates.

The new TripIt Navigator feature helps travelers get from point A to point B more easily with a search tool that shows the transportation options available. On top of this, Navigator will also show the estimated cost and travel times for each option, so you can decide which works best.

The process is simple. Within the flight screen, travelers will now see a TripIt Navigator section. Select the start and end destinations using the current location or address within the trip itinerary (like the airport or hotel). Then tap Find Transportation Options to see what’s available.

With TripIt Navigator, travelers can:tripit

  • See local transportation options available in the city traveling to
  • Get estimated costs and travel times so you can choose which options is best
  • View transportation options based on current location or any address within the trip itinerary

Experience a New Look and Feel: (For iOS 9.0)

Based on feedback from TripIt users for a better experience and an even more simple navigation, TripIt now showcases a redesigned flight screen to make it even easier to find the information travelers need most. With the new look and feel, travelers will have:

  • Quicker access to flight details
  • An easier way to access all the additional information to make your flight a little smoother – airport maps, available airport lounges, transportation options, and more.

Merge Your TripIt Accounts:

Ask and you shall receive. Based on popular demand, whether it’s personal or business, travelers can now quickly merge two TripIt accounts right from the mobile app. The process is simple:

  • Sign in to TripIt iOS or Android app
  • Go to Settings and tap Merge Accounts
  • Enter the email address associated with the TripIt account you would like to merge with the current account
  • TripIt will send an email to the address submitted. Verify you would like to merge the accounts.

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