Sweat And Ache: Projects For The Tough Guy

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Do you know what it means to be the modern man? There are plenty of crazy definitions out there – but we are just going to hit you with the truth.

If you’re a man, living right now in the modern world – you’re the modern man! Well done you!

That answer might depress you slightly. We all go through stages of searching around for meaning. We humans need knowledge to feel comfortable, which is probably why we spend so much time in the light, than in the dark. We know what exists – we know what is there. It makes us feel safe. We need meaning to know our life is going to feel safe.

But, you might say, I want to feel like a man! Well, that is a different story, tough guy. Your definition of how you may feel is obviously going to vary depending on who you are. Working out at the gym might make you feel manly, for example. We’ve taken the time to list just a few ways you can add meaning to your life through some totally tough projects.

Tuning Up An Old Car:

It’s the classic portrait of Americana. You, in your tank top covered in grease while hawking over your beloved motor. There’s a reason for that – men are obsessed with cars! It’s not just that though – mechanic work can be seen as a base form of mindfulness which is going to declutter your mind and allow you remove stress from your brain.

Buying an old chassis is going to be expensive, especially if you’ve got an eye for the classics – but you aren’t here to save money. Once you’ve got your dream car wreck, spend the time to research and take the liberty to exercise your creativity. Get it back in working order first, then you can make it seriously unique. Make sure to buy brakes, mufflers and air filters to ensure the project isn’t going to fail the instant it takes to the open road.

Revamping A Classic Bike:

The Hell’s Angels are notorious, but they capitalized on the post-war need for freedom that every single human being sought after World War Two. Their classic bobbers are to serve as the inspiration for this. Now, you could just buy a Harley that looks good and runs well, but that’s not the point – shop around and find a rusty bike in need of love and get it back in working condition. It’s a great option if you’re already happy with your car.

Getting Yourself Into Fighting Shape:

This doesn’t mean you get to use your brick-like fists as weapons, no. Professional fighters across the globe have the best and most efficient bodies known to mankind and there is a reason for that. Take some inspiration from people like Conor MacGregor and get into shape and turn your body into a project. It’s going to be tough, but it could be seriously enjoyable.


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