Don’t Throw Your Broken Technology Away – Fix It

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For some people, the first response to a piece of technology turning faulty is to put it in a drawer and buy a replacement – usually an upgraded model. But this isn’t always the best option, because more technology than you might think can be salvaged and restored to full working order. Just take a look at a few of the items outlined below.


Ah, the iPhone. No other electrical item inspires so much desire – and so much fear that it’ll stop working. The fragile nature of the world’s most popular smartphone means it’s never too far away from having a cracked screen or failing to work properly as a result of water damage.

Take a look on second hand websites and you’ll find many an iPhone being sold ‘faulty’. But then these items always sell – so why? It’s simple: they’re not all too difficult to fix. An iPhone repair job can take as little as a day and will work just as it did before – and significantly better than it will stuck in a drawer.

CD And DVD Players

Sure, not too many people still use CD and DVD players in our digital 21st century world, but they still have a purpose – and so they should, because most people have one or the other somewhere in their home. What accelerates the demise of people listening to CDs and watching DVDs isn’t the form of the media, it is people wrongly believing that their players don’t work when all they need is a bit of TLC.

If you’ve had your player for a number of yours, the issue could be as simple as a buildup of dust interfering with the laser reader. If in doubt, remember that around a quarter of electrical items that are thrown out either still work or can be repaired at a low cost – for CD and DVD players, which are relatively new technology, this percentage only goes up.


There’s a whole host of issues that can affect old laptops, from malware to too much software and the rest. These are genuine issues that can make a laptop unusable, but they are not directly linked to the hardware of the laptop, the most important part of the electrical, and so can nearly always be fixed.

In fact, the only thing that most laptops need is a bit of a spring clean. That means removing or unused software and making sure it’s free of any viruses – a quick once over by a computer specialist should be able to tell you if you have a problem. If you do need your laptop to have a higher level of power, then it may be an issue of simply adding more RAM – this quick and easy solution can have your laptop acting like new.


While buying a new piece of technology is often tempting, repairing your electricals has many obvious benefits too – such as saving you money and time and being better for the environment. There’s no limit to what can be saved – think headphones, juicers, sewing machines, and more. So don’t go throwing anything away until you know that it can’t be salvaged!


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