The Long And Short Of It: What Length Beard Is Right For You?

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It is no secret that beards are an incredibly popular trend for men at the moment, but with great beard comes great responsibility! But also with growing a beard comes the ability to change your aesthetic, and what was once the face of a boy is now the face of a man. But it’s not just about growing facial hair for the sake of it. It is a delicate balance, and depending on what your face shape is it will dictate what type of beards suits you. So here we are, the long and short of it when it comes to facial hair…

What Style?

It will all depend on your own unique face shape. If you are unsure what types of beard works best on you, the best place to start is to think about what features you would like to enhance and build up from that point. So, for example, if you are looking to enhance your jaw bone, then a thicker and longer beard will work well, or if you need more definition for your face, then you will need a shorter beard. Here are some examples of beard styles that you can go for.

The Classic Beard

The classic beard is generally recommended for most people, but it is best to bear in mind that it does not suit everyone. Also remember that the haircut you have with the beard will help in this instance, such as a youthful haircut like a Pompadour, or going for a classic side parting held in place with some pomade or wet look gel to give yourself a properly vintage image.

The Long Beard

Tread carefully with this one as a longer beard when done correctly works wonders, but if it is not groomed properly, you can look something similar to Tom Hanks in Castaway or something equally as grubby! So it’s very important to keep it trimmed much like you would keep a hedge trimmed! But also using beard oil is a very good idea to stop irritation or dryness and it will also make your beard a lot easier to manage! Choosing the right clippers is important as you do not want to have to replace clippers every couple of months!

The Biker Beard

This can be a very dramatic choice to change things up. The basics of the biker beard relies on extra length from the chin, so you need to shave the rest of your facial hair accordingly. Although there may not be many celebrity proponents of the biker beard, it may be one for if you are over the age of 40, as Brad Pitt has had some success in this department.

The Bushy Beard

This is an excellent one for enhancing your face shape, especially if you are looking to exaggerate your jawline but remember that you need a lot of beard oil or beard balm to maintain this as a lot more facial hair will dry up.


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