Creating Crazily-Customised Roadworthy Vehicles

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Some people like to roll down the street in a bland, ordinary Ford Focus or a Lamborghini. Boring. For creative drivers like us, we search for something a little bit different in life, don’t we?

Even the craziest of vehicles can get out on the road if they meet a few basic safety requirements. You’d be surprised what you could be driving out there, and it’s worth the effort. The thrill of driving something incredibly unique, and maybe a little bit hilarious in aesthetic appearance, is unlike any other feeling. You’ll know you’re driving something unlike anything that anybody else in the world is driving; though I’m sure they’ll wish they could be.

You can turn anything into a roadworthy vehicle.

If you can dream it, it’s probably real. Whilst there are no drivable washing machines out there, as far as I’m aware, there are drivable versions of just about any other piece of machinery you can imagine. If you do it properly, it can go one step further: you could be driving a legal, roadworthy contraption.

If you’re working with professionals, there’s no limit to the kinds of crazy contraptions you can get on the road. There are golf carts for sale which are sitting around waiting for just that purpose. It’s a dream for motorheads like us to get out on the road in something a little unique and a little bit incredible. A custom-designed vehicle is the biggest way to make the statement that: yes, I’m a little bit crazy, but at least I’m having the most amazing time of my life. Perhaps you’re not as enthusiastic as me about it, but I guarantee you will be once you see that strange, one-of-a-kind idea in your head become a real, drivable vehicle on the streets.

Where should you begin?

Whatever you’re customizing, whether it’s an old go-kart or a golf cart, you should start making it feel a little more homely. If this is a roadworthy vehicle, then why shouldn’t it have all the other things that roadworthy vehicles have? Fit your kart with a stereo, and blast out all your favorite tunes whilst you rule the streets in your unique contraption.

Of course, you don’t want to annoy neighbors or pedestrians and receive noise disturbance complaints, so maybe this will lead you to the next item on your agenda. Fit a solid roof and doors to your vehicle. Now you can be as wild as you want, and you’ll seem like a perfectly ordinary citizen to everyone else. Well, other than the fact that your vehicle looks absolutely insane. Still, you’ll be safe as well. That’s absolutely key to road safety, and it’s the next point on the agenda…

Passing all the tests.

However you customise your vehicle, whether it’s by means of fitting a jacuzzi into the back of your existing car, or adding plush leather seats and a ridiculously powerful engine to an unassuming go-kart, safety has to come first. If you really want to ensure your vehicle classifies as roadworthy, you have to ensure you’re going to pass all the tests. Seatbelts, solid construction work and fully functioning machinery are all aspects that you’ll have to check and re-check.

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