Use These Amazing Hi-Tech Tricks To Protect Your Car Today

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I doubt car theft is on your list of things you want to experience. Go the extra mile to protect your ride with these tips.

Window tinting

A lot of people think that tinted windows just look cool. And it’s true that really dark, tinted windows look really nice with a white-bodied car. But window tinting isn’t always just about the aesthetics. Sometimes, there are really good practical reasons for getting the work done. Yes, there’s bright sunlight you need to consider. But there are also thieves you need to worry about!

It’s worth remembering that most burglaries stem from opportunity and impulsive thinking. A would-be thief walks past a property, be it a house or a car, and see something they like. They take action and break in. With tinted windows, however, it’s much harder to see inside. This makes tinting a deceptively clever protection technique. Remember, however, that certain levels of tinting might be illegal!

GPS tracking

So the worst has happened: someone has stolen your vehicle. Back in the day, you had to rely on the police eventually tracking it down by using a mix of surveillance, criminal records, and license plate tracking. It wasn’t always a quick process. But now you can get GPS technology that makes the process much easier.

Choosing a GPS tracker isn’t as simple as it might seem: there are a lot of different types, and some will fit your car better than others. But as long as you choose a good one, a GPS tracker can be invaluable when it comes to tracking down a stolen car. Just make sure it’s stored somewhere inconspicuous! If it’s placed somewhere in immediate view, then the thief will probably be able to spot it and get rid of it. They may even place it on someone else’s vehicle to give you the runaround!


But what if someone steals your vehicle while you’re in the vicinity? It’s a bit frustrating, surely, having to sit there and watch them drive away, even if you do have a GPS tracker on-board. Anything could happen to your vehicle while that moron is behind the wheel. So the solution, of course, is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

This is where an immobilizer comes in handy. This makes it extremely difficult for someone to start your car without having the key. Essentially, it creates a massive blocker for criminals who are looking to hotwire a vehicle. Certain makes can automatically – and evenly silently – alert authorities if hotwiring is detected.

Operational security

You may have noticed that cars are becoming more and more like computers all the time. Does this mean that cars are getting closer to being hackable? You may think that’s an outlandish question describing a scenario that fits better in science fiction. It’s only a silly question because of the words “getting closer to.” Cars are hackable now.

Modern cars, even ones that aren’t self-driving or even advertised as having crazy amounts of technology in them, have a lot of tiny computers in them. They assist in steering, braking, music play, heating – everything. It’s actually possible for hackers to take control of these systems. Thankfully, there are hardware and software modifications you can make to protect your vehicle.

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