Dress To Impress This Holiday Season With A Pocket Square

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The CEO and founder of SquareBoss, David Arrick gives The Guy Corner Pocket Square 101 so you can look dapper during the holiday season.

Q: What is the best way to wear a pocket square without a tie?

A: Well, the sartorial rule is “No tie, wear a square”.  So, without a tie, the pocket square adds color, pattern and a bit of

Q: What is the best way to wear a pocket square from dressy to casual?

A: A square can be worn with a sports jacket and jeans – have fun with color and pattern to really differentiate and stand out.  If you are wearing a complete suit, then be mindful of your shirt color, pattern, suit pattern, suit color – make sure that the pocket square doesn’t match your tie, and that there isn’t too much in terms of pattern consistency with the shirt, tie and square.

Q: Should your pocket square match your shirt and tie or just complement them?

A: Never.  It should complement them.  You’d be surprised how a bit of stripe, or color, or floral on your square can complement a tie and/or a suit. Blue can pair with a purple square. Grey can pair with a red square.  Be bold.

Q: How you feel about mixing and matching different patterns of pocket squares, shirts and ties?

A: We love the idea of mixing and matching.  Just be very careful of more than two patterns being too similar. 3 patterns are over the top, and looks clownish.

Q: What is the best way to clean your pocket square and make sure it is not wrinkled?

A: They can be ironed on low heat to get the folds out.  Also, your dry cleaner can do a great job on them.

Click here to check out the variety of pocket squares from SquareBoss https://squareboss.com/home/

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