Developing An App? Here Are Four Essential Tasks to Complete Before You Launch!

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App development is one of the fastest-growing industries for independent entrepreneurs. There are more people than you might think who are out there developing their own app, especially with so many modern tools that make it a lot easier for newcomers. Still, it’s not quite as simple a process as many would like to make out. There could be a bunch of crucial steps you need to take before launch that you may have forgotten about.

Put your app to the test

Your priority right now is performance testing. Thorough testing is something that should be occurring throughout the development process. But once your app is nearing completion, more rigorous testing is required. Once you’ve got a “final build”, you need to go through your app and run every single test you’ve ever performed again. If your app is fairly simple, then it shouldn’t feel like that tall an order. Still, no matter how complex your app is, you still need to be absolutely thorough in testing. Bugs in the app will make it harder for Apple or Android to accept it – and bugs that fall through the cracks may result in bad user reviews. Read more about effective quality assurance at

Consider a soft launch

Many app developers choose to “soft launch” their game before releasing it properly. This means that the app is launched in select areas, with a limited number of users. This is an effective way of getting user feedback, as well as seeing how the app performs when used by several people simultaneously. The usefulness of a soft launch can vary from app type to app type; if you’re making a game with microtransactions, it’s an absolute must. Read more about soft launching over at

Check the competition

You’ll probably already be aware of any apps that are similar to yours that could pose a threat to the size of your userbase. But revising the competition isn’t something you should just do right at the beginning of the development process. You should keep up to date on what competitor companies are developing. It’s possible that, since you began development, a new, similar app has been released. You’ll want your app launch to be responsive to this fact. This is why it’s often important to have some kind of public announcement of the app way ahead of time. Read more about standing out in business at

Perfect your marketing technique

If you’re working with a distributor, then the marketing is mostly going to be up to them. However, many independent developers will choose to launch the app themselves, even if this means slightly small reachability at first. This means you can take the reigns when it comes to marketing. This puts a lot of pressure on you, but also gives you more control. Having worked in app development, I could tell you plenty of horror stories about simply allowing a distributor to handle marketing leading to nobody using the app! Effective marketing strategies aren’t always as expensive as many people suspect. Read more about them over at

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