Go Long! Father-Son Bonding Activities That Involve Sport

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Do you sometimes feel as if you and your son are growing apart? With computer games, after school clubs, and both kids and parents having to work on the weekend, family time can be pushed to the sidelines. It’s high time we changed all this with some good old-fashioned father-son bonding.

But what to do? Here are some sporting activities you should try out with your son that’ll help bring you together.

Go Cycling In The Woods

There’s nothing like using a mountain bike for what it is actually meant to do: go off-road and bomb about in the woods. No doubt there’s a forest near you where you can take your kids cycle and enjoy the singletrack therein. Usually, wooded areas have steep banks and makeshift half pipes that you can enjoy, often created by the local kids (and their dads). Heck, you could even get involved with some of the digging work yourself, if there’s an opportunity.

Take Them To See A Baseball Game

Of course, you don’t actually have to play sports to have fun with your kids; you can take them to watch them too. There’s nothing like going to see a good old-fashioned Rockies baseball game along with thousands of other excited fans. And, because you’re sitting and watching something, rather than actually playing, you’ve got a chance to have a chat. Use this time to talk to your son, finding stuff out about them while making sure you feed them plenty of hot dogs and ice cream. You can find Mets tickets online.

Go Climbing

Worried the internet and video games might be turning your son into a wimp? Climbing will soon sort that out. Climbing is a great activity for building strength, especially upper body strength because you often have to support your entire weight on your arms. It’s also an incredible opportunity for dads to bond with their sons, doing what dads do, offering encouragement and telling them not to give up when their sons get scared.

You can find a wall near you using location search sites on the internet. Or you can go to a national park with some real mountains and find a guide to you out on your first climbing expedition.

Get Outdoors For Some Orienteering

Orienteering can be a lot of fun when you get used to it. But it’s also an excellent opportunity for dads to teach their sons about what it used to be like to find your way around, before GPS and smartphones took over. Here’s a great opportunity for dads to teach their sons how to use a map and a compass, as well as how to navigate tough terrain.

Orienteering can be done anywhere, from woods to parks to mountain sides. The idea is to follow clues to get to some objective. It could be to find a lighthouse, be the first to a pub, or be the one to uncover a secret cache of goodies, buried in the woods. You can find out more on Orienteering USA.

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