What David Beckham And Gerard Butler Can Tell Us About Men’s Fashion

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Men’s fashion is an ever-changing landscape of opportunity. Think about who best personifies the smart and sophisticated 2016 man. Well, there’s a good bet David Beckham and Gerard Butler will top your list. These are two successful and fashionable modern dudes who look great and really understand men’s fashion.

So, what can these two A-list heavyweights tell us about men’s fashion? Well, if we look at what they have to offer and how they present themselves, we can learn a lot. Check out these important lessons the two men have taught us about men’s fashion in the modern age.

Smart is Everything

One thing you’ll notice about Beckham and Butler is how smart they always look. No matter what they have going on, they always look presentable. Even if they have stupid haircuts and other nonsense, they still manage to scrub up well. And the reason for this is they make sure they look great. So, you need to apply this to yourself and do what you can to try to look as great as possible. The best way of achieving this is to look at getting some suits, so you always look sharp. The suit makes the man, and you will look much better wearing one.

Grooming Matters

There is also a lot of emphasis placed on grooming these days. Even when David and Gerard have silly haircuts or beards, they are still well groomed. You can tell that they’ve still bothered to take the time to look after themselves. And this is really important for modern meant to do. It’s something that you have to make sure you sort out yourself as best you can. Grooming shows you care about your appearance, and can really give you that extra edge. The best way to make a good impression, and catch someone’s eye, is to make sure you remain well groomed.


Another thing you’ll note about these two stars is that they always know how to accessorise well. If you look at footage or pictures of them, they are always well accessorise and always sporting a pretty awesome timepiece. A vintage Rolex is precisely the sort of thing you’d expect one of them to be wearing, and it really makes the process better. So, you need to consider how you can accessorise and really make your whole ensemble look great.

Confidence Plays a Role

As with anything, confidence plays a big part in the process. It’s important to make sure you are as confident as you can possibly be. This makes you come across a lot better and will make you look great. Wearing a suit is one thing, but wearing it with confidence is something else. And, as a modern male, you’ve got to understand that confidence can be as important as anything else.

As you can see, these two successful and popular guys can teach us a lot about men’s fashion. That’s why we need to use them as examples and models to aspire to. Follow their fashion changes and try to model yourself on how great they look.


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