5 Tech-Related Products That Are Costing You Too Much Money

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I love the latest technology just as much as anyone. But I will admit – I occasionally feel like I’m spending too much on the latest and greatest devices and services. It’s an issue affecting many households across the country who are trying to manage their budgets. But the simple truth is there is a more cost-effective way of using tech. In today’s guide, I’m going to reveal five different tech-related products that are probably costing you too much. And, I’ll suggest some alternatives – so let’s get down to business.

The latest phones

Sure, there’s a lot of focus on the very latest phones, whether they are from Apple, Samsung, or any of the other mobile giants. But in my opinion, we reached ‘peak phone’ a few years ago. And we should all be questioning whether the latest editions of the iPhone or Galaxy are worth the extra money. Do they perform that much better than their predecessors to justify the cost? Even waiting 12-18 months after release can help you save hundreds of dollars over a year.

Cell phone insurance

While we are on the subject of cell phones, how much are you paying for insurance? Some people are paying up to $120 per year for insurance cover that is, on the whole, a complete waste of money. Not only is the coverage on these standard policies weak, but you end up paying $50-$150 as a deductible if you ever need to make a claim. Check your coverage, add up the costs, and find a plan that works for your benefit – not a plan that is a drain on your bank account.

Cable TV

There are some people out there who are paying hundreds of dollars a month, just for the pleasure of watching TV. It just doesn’t make any sense – no one can watch enough hours to justify that expense. Cut the cord on your cable, however, and there are plenty of cheaper, wiser alternatives. Using streaming services like Netflix and Hulu can reduce your costs by a significant amount. And as any Showbox Guide will tell you, there are some methods of watching lots of the latest TV for peanuts.

Home PCs

How do you buy your home PCs? Do you go for the off-the-shelf options with all the bells and whistles? If so, there’s an excellent chance you are paying way over the odds. Your brand new PC will be full of programs, technology, and software that you don’t need – yet you will be paying for it. With this in mind, why don’t you build a PC to your specifications? You can buy the standalone parts that will match a $2,000 PC for around $500. Learn how to put it together yourself, and you can save a small fortune.

DSLR cameras

So, you‘ve just spent $2,000 on a top-of-the-range, DSLR camera?

Congratulations – I’m sure it’s a mighty fine device. But on a serious note – do you use all the features? These professional-grade cameras are incredibly advanced. But, the vast majority of beginner photographers don’t know how to use them – or that they even exist. If you are just starting out, a $500 DSLR will do everything you need.

Are you spending too much on tech? Let me know your biggest issues in the comments!


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