Strike! 8 Reasons To Go Bowling Right Now

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Bowling may not be the most popular sport in the United States, but it’s certainly picking up traction and is underrated. At least it’s not as strange as some of these sports. Some people are convinced that bowling is just a game and can’t be qualified as a sport, but not everyone feels the same! Those who give bowling a chance will certainly find it to be more than just a game, and there’s a wonderful sport waiting to be discovered.

  1. It’s Immune to the Effects of Weather – A lot of sports involve the outdoors. Bowling isn’t one of them. You can head to your nearest alley where it’s nice and warm and protected from both the heat and cold.
  1. Everyone Can Play Many sports are physical and demand a lot from your body. Bowling manages to be a skill-based game without being physically demanding. Your kids can play, the grandparents can play, lazy people can play—it’s open to everyone.
  1. It’s Convenient – There’s very little equipment and setup involved with bowling. For example, you could pick up some storm bowling balls or a pair of fancy shoes, but most of it will be provided by the alley. There’s also no need to reserve a field or a pitch to play, you just walk in and speak to whoever is behind the counter and off you go.
  1. It Doesn’t Cost Much – A bowling session could cost a group of 4 people less than $30 including shoes—that’s a complete steal! Compare it to the prices of other sports and you’ll see how much you can save by choosing to make bowling your preferred sport.
  2. Bowling Alleys Are Filled with Fun – A trip to the bowling alley isn’t just about bowling. There are places to eat, drink, and even arcade machines so you and your group can play video games and relax. What other sport has so many facilities surrounding it? It’s the ultimate hang-out destination.
  3. It’s a Social Sport – When you’re bowling, you’ll be close to other groups of people who are doing the same thing. It’s a great social hangout place where you can meet new friends, catch up with old ones, and engage in conversations with the family. You take turns, so there’s always a moment to relax and have a chat while you wait for the next person.
  4. It’s Satisfying and Fun – Unlike some other sports, you won’t spend most of your time running around and injuring yourself to whack a ball. Turns are quick and fast, and nothing in the sporting world is as satisfying as the sound of your ball cracking all ten pins in a single try. You’ll cheer, your friends will clap, and your rivals will sneer at you in envy.
  5.  It’s Stylish – Forget sweating as you run about a pitch or coming home to scratches and bruises. Bowling is an elegant sport and people wear stylish attire to fit the game. Of course, you don’t need to wear fancy shoes and shirts to play, but it definitely looks great!

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