With The Job Market In Tatters, What Career Paths Are Most Promising For Millennials?

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Recently the non-profit, Young Invincibles put out a prediction of the most promising jobs for millennials. It came to some rather startling conclusions. The first was that some of the jobs that you thought were old-school actually made the list. (Think repair workers and building installers.) The second was that education wasn’t actually the biggest determinant of success. We’re moving back to a world in which vocational training is important once more.

So what did the organization find?

Nuclear Engineers Are In Big Demand

One of the standout findings of the study was the finding that nuclear engineers were a promising job prospect. Aren’t nuclear power plants supposed to be shutting down?

As it turns out, there are still plenty of uses for nuclear engineers. Nuclear can be used as a form of propulsion on nuclear submarines, for instance. It’s also expected to be useful in the future for setting up new nuclear power plants for “base load.” Nuclear engineers are going to see their wages grow by 9 percent by 2022. That’s an average wage of more than $104,000.

Elevator Installers And Repairers

It might be time for millennials to get construction job training. For starters, agencies all over the world are promising to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into vocational training. This money is going into all sorts of new training regimens for men who don’t want a career as an actuary. Right now, there’s big demand in the sector for elevator installers and repairers. This is especially the case in the East, where high rises are going up practically every week. In fact, the last decade has seen several records smashed. We’ve gotten a new world-record breaking tower over in Dubai. And we’re seeing more 300 meter plus projects than ever before in human history. It all means that there’s significant demand for people who can service their elevator systems.

Elevator installers will see their wages rise by 25 percent by 2022 according to the report. This means that they average installer will earn more than $77,000.

Dietitians And Nutritionists

Doctors are finally losing their monopoly on advice for how to stay healthy. People don’t believe them anymore that drugs are the solution. The population is wising up to the fact that doctors, in general, know nothing about how lifestyle can affect health. They consistently downplay the importance of nutrition. And they almost always fall back to drug regimens to treat common health problems.

People are getting sick of this, literally. And so they’re turning to nutritionists to make them healthy through lifestyle changes. Millennials can benefit from all of this, of course. Young Invincibles sees the wages of nutritionists rising more than 21 percent by 2022. Nutritionists can expect, on average, to earn over $55,000 a year.

It should be noted that the range of promising occupations available to millennials is broad. It’s not just the tech sector that’s booming, although jobs in this sector are heavily featured. It’s occupations across the board, from credit analysis to physician assistants.

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