Shaving: You’re Doing It Wrong!

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Like most guys, you were probably taught to shave by your father around the onset of puberty, and thought that you had it perfected from there on. However, countless men around the world are messing up in one way or another when they shave every morning. Seen as it’s such an important part of your grooming, don’t you want to make sure you’re getting it right? Here are a few ways that you could be shaving wrong.

You’re Not Preparing Your Face Properly

Pretty much every man uses a bit of moisture to soften their whiskers up before they go at them with a razor. However, a lot of us simply aren’t using enough. The best time to shave is immediately after a shower, having washed your face thoroughly. Neglect this step, and you end up with all those wiry, scraggly hairs which seem to stick out just a little too far. Tomorrow morning, spend a few more minutes in the shower, letting the water rinse over your face, and shave immediately after.

You’re Not Making Your Pores Open Up

Obviously, razors are pretty sharp. Despite how long shaving has been around, our skin isn’t quite cut out for having a sharp blade dragged across it on a regular basis. To allow your razor to glide more easily over your skin, with minimal tug and pull, make sure you’re making the “hot towel treatment” a part of your routine. This is basically just getting a clean hand towel, soaking it in (very) hot water, draping that over your face, and waiting for it to cool. This one little action can do a lot to open your pores, and soften the hair on your face.

You’re Using the Wrong Kind of Razor

An electric hair grader can be handy for tidying up your beard, and a flip-out straight razor has a certain archaic beauty and appeal about it. However, for the large majority of faces and beards, I’d recommend using a regular, modern single blade razor. Modern safety razors have been designed to be both comfortable and thoroughly idiot-proof. If you try to overcomplicate or oversimplify your shave, you’ll only cause yourself discomfort and unsightly little nicks in your skin. Those basic, single blade models are made to protect you from yourself, so let them do their job!

You’re Not Using Enough Shaving Cream

You may be looking to penny-pinch in every possible area of your life, and that’s totally understandable. However, if you’re not being generous enough with the amount of shaving cream you use in the mornings, you’re only going to be cheating yourself out of the best shave you can possible have. Really lather it in using circular motions, and keep adding it until you look like a snowman. This will ensure that your skin is lubricated enough, and well-protected from the razor you’re dragging over your face.

If you’ve been making any of these mistakes, turn them around today for a more comfortable and effective shave.


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