A Guy’s Guide To Dressing For Your Work Christmas Party

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The holiday party season will soon be upon us, and you’ll undoubtedly be invited to celebrate with your work colleagues. But what are you going to wear? This is a predicament faced by men throughout the world during this time of year. You understandably want to make the best possible impression, especially if your boss is also going to be attending the work party. But this can be difficult to achieve if you aren’t sure what to wear. The last thing you want is to make a fool of yourself. So to prevent this from happening, get your attire perfect first time with this foolproof guide.

Try something different

Christmas parties are one of the only occasions throughout the year that gives you an excuse to dress up. So use this opportunity to try something different with your style rather than wearing what you wear to work. If you wear a suit to work each day, consider a more smart casual look. You could wear a smart jumper over a shirt with trousers instead of a blazer. If your workplace has a more relaxed approach to office wear, get yourself a new suit to wear. Try to ensure that whatever you wear is suitable for the type of party but don’t be afraid to show your personality either. Also, choose colors you don’t normally wear to help you stand out even more.

Wear comfortable shoes

Christmas parties can often go on well into the early hours and involved plenty of dancing, standing and walking. This is why it’s so important for you to find comfortable shoes to wear. Nobody wants to have to leave their work party early due to foot pains and blisters. So consider what you intend to wear to wear and use this to influence your choice of footwear. Try not to wear trainers, unless told otherwise. Instead look for boots, brogues or loafers that compliment your outfit. Always try on before you buy to make sure they are comfortable to walk in.

Avoid novelty dress (unless it’s encouraged)

Turning up to a fancy Christmas ball in a reindeer jumper is obviously not the smartest idea. You’ll not only be embarrassed, but it will be something your work colleagues joke about for years to come. So if you know the party is going to be a formal affair, avoid novelty Christmas attire at all costs. However, this rule does not apply to all work parties. If your boss is throwing an informal affair where novelty dress is encouraged, then by all means get involved. You can find holiday Santa shirts and jumpers online in an array of styles and designs. But if you don’t want to go all out, opt for a fair isle jumper instead. These can easily be worn afterwards and look smart when worn over a shirt.

This guide should have helped you get a clearer idea of what you should be wearing for your work Christmas party. Whether you go for a sharp suit or novelty jumper, start shopping sooner rather than later. Leaving it to the last minute could mean you can’t get the right outfit in time.

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