Scents For Gents: Candles For Men

Scents for Gents, candles, for guys, guys

Scents for Gents, finally a candle line just for men! Guys can feel “manly” when they burn a scented candle. Some of candle scents include Making Bacon, Beer, Morning Wood, BBQ and a Limited Edition Fall Release, Pumpkin Ale. What guy wouldn’t want a room smelling like beer, bacon and BBQ? These would be a great gift for “bros” during the upcoming holiday season. Who wouldn’t want one of these for their man cave or bachelor pad?


About Lauren Jablonski

Entertainment Writer/Reporter for The Guy Corner NYC & LIBHQ. I write about craft beer, punk rock, comedy, shades & allergy friendly food.

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  1. Thanks for the love. Hope you enjoy our candles. Have a great evening.


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