4 Refreshing Herbal Beers From GABF

Are you looking for new beers to try that have refreshing herbal flavors? Check out these four fabulous herbal beers that are full of fresh flavors.

Blind Tiger Brewing
State: Kansas
Beer: Basil
7.5% ABV

Blind Tiger Brewing grows basil in-house for this “herbaceous” brew. This style of beer is a Maibock, which gives it a sweet base to compliment the basil. Cin-Cin!

Low Tide Brewing
State: South Carolina
Beer: Basil better have my honey
5% ABV

Low Tide Brewing makes beers that are both creative and classic that reflect country living in South Carolina. The Basil Better Have My Honey has great aroma from the basil and sweetness from the honey to make one sweet and refreshing brew.

Frothy Beard Brewing Company
State: South Carolina
Beer: It’s Cucumber Thyme Pale Wheat Ale
5.5 ABV

This American Wheat beer has fresh cucumber and a hint of lemony thyme. This beer is very cooling and refreshing, perfect for a sunny day.



Virginia Beer Company
State: Virgina
Beer: Saison Tournate Lemongrass & Citra
4.8% ABV

This saison is lighter being only 4.8% abv but has big bright flavors from the lemongrass and citra. If you are looking for a lighter beer with citrus and herbs give this one a try.

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