In Need of a New Hobby? Give These A Whirl

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“So, what are your hobbies?” Such a simple question, but one that fills so many of us with dread. It could be at a job interview, on a date or just meeting someone new. If sitting around in your underwear, binge-watching Netflix and eating pizza all weekend counted as a hobby then we’d all be set, but unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the case! When you were young, you probably took part in a ton of activities you enjoyed. But as you get older and demands from work and family life increase it can be a struggle fitting anything in. However, it’s important to do so. Hobbies aren’t just great for the enjoyment factor, but they can also build skills and even improve your confidence. If you want to add a bit of variety to your life and start up a new hobby, here are a few you could try.

Quiet, Outdoor Hobbies: Fishing, Photography, Running

If you want to get more fresh air and spend time in the great outdoors (while still maintaining a sense of peace and quiet) these are three fantastic choices to consider. For fishing, you’ll need a basic fishing kit: some poles, reels, bait or lure and a fishing license. To take it a step further, you could even invest in a fishing kayak. Rather than fish from the shores, you can get right out into a lake and really enjoy the serene calmness of the water. The Pescador Pro 12 could be a good choice, but do some research to work out what’s best for you. Photography is another fantastic way to get outdoors, but also enjoy some quiet alone time. Explore woods, parks, countryside and nature reserves where you can get some light exercise by walking and snap some photos. A DSLR camera and a couple of different lenses for both long and macro shots is a good place to start. It allows you to express your creativity, and if you’re any good you might even be able to make some extra cash selling stock photos online. Finally for those looking to get in shape while having time to think, running could be a perfect choice. You could put in your headphones and enjoy your surroundings all while providing excellent benefits to your body.

Social Hobbies: Team Sports, Dance Classes, Volunteering

Is meeting new people and socializing something you want to achieve with your new hobby? These three options could work for you. Regardless of your current fitness levels, you’re bound to find a team sport looking for members. Inquire at your local sports center or round up a team of family and friends to join you. It could be anything from football to basketball, to doubles tennis or badminton. Dance classes are another way to meet new people as well as get fit, Latin dances like salsa or tango are a good choice. Any kind of dance which requires a partner will more than likely have a shortage of male dance partners, and so ask around at different groups. Finally, volunteering is a chance to meet new people as well as genuinely make a difference. You’re likely to meet people from very different walks of life from you. Different ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and personalities. This is an amazing way to spend your free time, it can make you a more well-rounded and humble person. And the fact that it looks good on your CV is no bad thing either.

Hobbies From Home: Art, Writing, Cooking

If time or childcare commitments mean that a hobby from home is best suited to you, there are loads of options to choose from. Let your creativity flow by trying your hand at art- it could be pencil sketches, painting, charcoal or any other medium you want. You could put your hand to writing or even blogging, which allows you to connect with others- as well as potentially open the door to lots of exciting opportunities. Finally, cooking or baking can be an enjoyable hobby, and friends and family get to enjoy your creations.

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