Fuego! 5 Beers That Bring The Sweet Heat & Mexican Flair From GABF

If you like spicy, hot, or Mexican flavors, try these 5 beers from GABF that bring the heat and will not disappoint.

14ER Brewery
State: CO
Beer: The Rocky Mountain Saison
5.2% ABV

The Rocky Mountain Saison is a balanced chili beer with Jalapeños peppers and citrus and spice. The heat is subtle and the beer has a dry complex saison finish.

Seabright Brewing
State: CA
Beer: Chocolate Chipotle Porter
6.8% ABV

This beer contains cherrywood smoked, chocolate, roasted malts, Columbus hops, chipotles and organic Ecuadorian cacao. The chipotles and chocolate are blended together perfectly; enjoy the slight heat and big chocolate flavor in this beer.

Rhinegeist Brewery
State: Ohio
Beer: Margarita Monday
6% ABV

If you love sour beers and margaritas, this beer is for you. Margarita Monday has Tequila barrel aged Dodo (gose) with lime and salt. This beer is great paired with tacos and tortilla chips.

Appalachian Mountain Brewery
State: North Carolina
Beer: Lí Sí Sí Margarita Gose|
3.7% ABV

If you are looking for a beer that tastes like a Margarita but is not as strong as the Margarita Monday, try the Lí Sí Sí Margarita Gose. Enjoy the delicious flavor of a margarita without one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

Old Town Brewing
State: Oregon
Beer: Summer of ’74 -Tangerine Chili Summer Ale
5.2% ABV

Old Town Brewing is celebrating its 42nd anniversary by releasing a series of Summer of 74’ beers. The Tangerine Chili Ale is bold and full of flavor, just like the 70s. If you are looking for a citrus beer with some heat, try it out.

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