A Day To Remember: Proposal Ideas She Can’t Say “No” To!

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Alright guys, I don’t want to deter from the sports, tech and more, but we’ve got some important stuff to talk about. I’m referring to your proposal. You know…the thing you’ve been putting off for months because you have no ideas? It’s a daunting prospect to get down on one knee and hope your significant other responds positively. However, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Five great ideas that she simply can’t say no to. If she does, she’s not the one for you!

Skywriting – We’ve all seen this before in the movies. It might cost you a bit of money, but your love is priceless, right?! There are plenty of skywriting services that you can hire for this exact purpose. Spend a day at the beach, for example, and wait for the perfect moment. Then, as everyone gazes upon the message in the sky, you can drop to one knee. Perfect!

On Stage With Her Favorite Band – This one isn’t quite so easy to pull off in some cases. It’s alright if she loves the local band from down the road, but not so great when it’s One Direction! Still, you might be able to get it done, no matter the size of the event. Use this story from Wrestlemania 31 for inspiration if you can’t get on the stage itself. Give it a try, though — get in touch with the band’s agency and see how you go.

On A Luxury Yacht – Proposals should be saved for a luxurious occasion. You don’t want to propose to someone in the middle of your house on a regular day! There’s nothing quite as luxurious as yacht rental for this purpose. It’s a chance to get out on the open seas and have a wonderful time, culminating in your proposal. There are no prying eyes around you, just you and your loved one sharing the moment. This is all getting a bit romantic now, isn’t it?!

Scavenger Hunt – Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt. And you know what? It’s a great budget choice for those who simply don’t have the funds to splurge. No matter what, it’ll showcase that you’re willing to go to time and effort to make this special. You might want to set up the hunt with reminders of your relationship at each turn. You might want to litter it with chocolates and small gifts along the way. This is totally your choice, and you can’t really go wrong!

At The Site Of Your First Date – For many couples, the site of their first date is a very special one. It doesn’t matter where it is — mine was in a mall, for example! Either way, it’s special, and a reminder of how you two got started. It might not seem luxurious to others, but it’s a historic place for the two of you. This might just be a good choice, and it definitely won’t cost you too much to do!

It’s also important to remember that as long as you put effort into your proposal, it’ll be appreciated. Don’t be afraid of it!

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  1. Peter Peak says:

    I would like to do the canal trip in Amsterdam or a private yacht in Dubai. Sadly I did the ‘booze cruise in Magaluf’ and hated it – I made the mistake of doing it with my girlfriend. It was much more suited to single people – that said I don’t think it would’ve been for me if single.


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