7 OMG Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed For Your Car!

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Sometimes it can feel like we spend more time in our cars than we do in our homes. Especially if we have a long commute to work, our job requires us to travel, or we run a dad’s taxi service for the little ones after school activities. That is why is a good idea to make your car as comfortable and safe as possible. Check out these gadgets below, which will help you do just that!

Handy Bar

First of all, there is a great invention called the Handy Bar. It’s a stick of metal that you can use as a handle to help you, or anyone else in the family get out of the car. It’s especially useful for those that have mobility issues. Its lightweight and portable too, so it can be kept in the car, even if you don’t need to use it all the time.

LED Lights

The next product that you should consider is LED grille lights. These are great for anyone whose vehicle plays a part in emergency or roadside assistance, or if you have concerns about breaking down on the highway.  This is because they can be turned on to strobe, making it very clear, even in the dark, that your car has stopped and its location.

Car Boot Tidy

For all the clean freaks out there, why not consider getting a car boot tidy? This will keep all of your items sorted and organized in the back of the car. Then you won’t ever have to turf out everything to find that map ever again. It also makes keeping the interior of your car tidier and cleaner easy.


Any gamers out there will already be familiar with the concept of the HUD or Heads Up Display. Basically, in computer games, it shows you your position on a map of your wider location. Navdy have adapted this idea to help you stay connected while on the road. They now offer a HUD so you can interact with you mobile without taking your eye forms the road.

Solar Charger

Portable solar chargers are not strictly built for use only in your vehicle. But they are a great way of helping the environment, keeping your gadgets on full power and using your travel time to its greatest advantage. You connect your phone, iPod or other devices to the charger. Then the charger uses photovoltaic cells to convert the sun’s rays into energy to power your gadgets!

Computer Table

Something for all those traveling salesmen out there that works well is to have a computer table that attaches to their steering wheel. This provides a comfortable and ergonomic space on which to work in-car. But remember this is for stationary vehicles only!

For a little bit of luxury going into winter, why not treat yourself to a heated steering wheel cover. They are relatively inexpensive and will keep your hand’s warms even during the longest drive through the snow. They can also help those with circulation problems like Raynaud’s keep from going numb when driving long distances.

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