PicoBrew Unveils Online BrewMarketplace

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Features Brewery-licensed and original recipes available in PicoPaks

PicoBrew, creator of the award-winning Pico and Zymatic automated craft beer brewing appliances, has opened the doors to its online BrewMarketplace today. The PicoBrew BrewMarketplace is an online retailer for the company’s PicoPak craft beer packs. These biodegradable packs are designed to produce 5 liters of top quality craft beer from breweries around the world and are purpose-built for PicoBrew’s newest craft beer brewing appliance, Pico. Brewing fresh beer from PicoPaks in your Pico is the best way to get brewpub-fresh craft beer from around the world. In addition to serving as PicoBrew’s e-commerce web site, BrewMarketplace provides a social platform enabling customers to rate and review beers they’ve brewed and share their experiences and interact with fellow brewers and breweries.

BrewMarketplace features a growing selection of PicoPaks from the more than 100 brewery partners that have signed up to be PicoBrew Development Program partners. These breweries have already developed in excess of 200 pending PicoPaks. PicoBrew works with each brewery to carefully reproduce their recipes for the Pico, and at the time of the store opening customers will enjoy a selection of over 30 approved PicoPaks from breweries in countries around the world, including Canada, Brazil and Peru. Initial Marketplace selections include popular recipes such as Buffalo Sweat from Tallgrass and Central Valley Dark Mild Ale from High Water Brewing. In the weeks and months ahead, as more pending Paks are approved PicoBrew’s BrewMarketplace will rapidly become the most diverse beer product retailer in the world.

“The BrewMarketplace is a one-stop source for everything beer lovers need to brew a perfect batch of beer on their PicoBrew machine and to collaborate with fellow beer enthusiasts across the globe,” said Bill Mitchell, PicoBrew CEO. “Craft beer lovers can now experience brewery-fresh quality and unprecedented selection as they make great beer at home. BrewMarketplace enables the next generation of beer distribution, so that participating breweries from around the world can connect with customers and allow them to enjoy great craft beer that tastes brewery-fresh. Customers can also customize these beers and even design their own. This is a first for the craft beer industry, and we are thrilled to be the industry pioneers.”

BrewMarketplace Features:

  • PicoPaks: Choose from a store-opening selection of more than 30 brewery-licensed and PicoBrew original craft beer Paks to brew at home with more PicoPaks being added every day. PicoPaks are biodegradable and currently range in cost from $18 to $29 each.
  • Freestyle PicoPaks: Create your own craft beer recipe through PicoBrew’s online Freestyle PicoPak creation program. After you design and submit your Pak, PicoBrew will custom manufacture it for you and ship it directly to your home. The Freestyle program includes a variety of hops and grains to customize your recipe while offering guidance for first-time recipe creators.
  • Recipe rating: Rate and review recipes you’ve tried and view others’ ratings live on PicoBrew’s BrewMarketplace. Convenient brew-session records are kept in customer’s accounts to help them track all of the beer that they brew.

The Pico is currently available for order through Amazon.com and direct from PicoBrew.com. It will also be available from Sur la Table, Bloomingdales, Williams-Sonoma and Frontgate in late October in the U.S. and elsewhere in Europe for this holiday season. U.S. pricing is $799 launch retail price.

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