The Oddball Festival Brings Lots Of Laughs To Long Island

Bridget Everett, comedy, Jeff Ross, John Oliver, Kyle Dunnigan, Long Island, Michelle Wolf, Oddball Festival, Pete Davison, Sebastian Maniscalco, Tom Segura

The Oddball Festival stopped at Jones Beach and brought some of the best stand-up comedians in the industry to Long Island, NY. Jeff Ross, served as both a host and a comedian at Oddball Comedy Festival. He opened up the show asking the people sitting at the top amphitheatre, “what’s going on up there on hand job hill?” Ross used a GoPro “Roast Cam” to scope the audience and poke fun of people in the crowd including people walking in late, a grandma in a wheelchair, two 14-year old boys, etc. Later in the show, Jeff Ross, the Roastmaster general, brought members of the audience on stage and roasted them.

Michelle Wolf, was the first comedian to perform after Jeff Ross. Wolf talked about weddings, marriage, periods, people who go to the gym, balls and the election. She also talked about Hillary Clinton and said Ben Carson “looks like the type of guy who would sew bodies together.” However, Wolf’s political jokes seemed to miss the mark.

Kyle Dunnigan, a comedian and writer on the Inside Amy Schumer show came in dancing to his entrance music saying, “I fucked your wife, that’s my jam.” He joked about being awkward after 12, automated phone calls, having a puffy pubic area, rock n’ bowl, clarinets, rock band sponsorships and asked why horses listen to us. Even though Dunnigan is a great writer for the Inside Amy Schumer show, his standup performance was lackluster.

Bridget Everett, entered the stage with confidence and zero shame. She came out singing Fuck Shit Up, popping champagne, showing off her leopard underwear and flashing her boobs.  Everett proudly stated, “I got a great tits, voice of an angel and a pussy.” Everett walked in the orchestra area of Jones Beach pouring milk on herself then grinding provocatively against members of the crowd. Everett was even seen running down the aisle with a 14 year-old crowd member named Ben on her back. Even though Everett was grotesque at times, the crowd could not look away or stop laughing during her set. Click here to see Instagram video.

Tom Segura, took the stage next. During his set, he talked about people looking for parking spaces, homeless people asking for pennies and sitting next to a kid with turrets during mass. Segura, also talked about how he loves being at home. He stated the meaning of life is “fuck this place let’s go home.” He even asked, “does anyone else masturbate when people cancel on them?” I could not stop laughing during his entire set.

SNL star, Pete Davidson from Staten Island took the stage next. He said, “I saw Nickleback here once.” He talked about Kiss Airlines, using Propecia for hair loss, shouting 15 puppies when he ejaculates and going to a Justin Bieber concert with Jeff Ross. Davidson also talked about how “Italians are waiting for people to die to get tattoos.” This young comedian definitely knew how to make the crowd laugh.

Sebastian Maniscalco, seemed to be a fan favorite at Jones Beach. His over-the-top physical act-outs had the crowd roaring. He related to the Italian-Americans in the crowd when he joked about family gossip, stay at home dads, and couple dinners.

John Oliver, who Jeff Ross called “America’s Brit,” closed the show. Even though John Oliver is know for his comedic political commentary, several audience members left when he started to talk about Donald Trump. “Yes Jones Beach, let’s shut this shit down before we get blown into NJ. Fuck they are already leaving,” said Oliver.

Overall, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night then being by the beach and laughing with friends or loved ones. The Oddball Comedy Festival was definitely a fun night, and I can’t wait to see what next year will bring.

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