Turn Your Sports Passion Into A Goldmine!

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How much time do you waste on sports, watching them on TV? Did we say wasting? We sure did, because you’re not really getting anything from it. Okay, yet you might on occasion see your favorite team win, and that’s great. But then what? Next season they’re probably going to lose so you’re pretty much breaking even. Still, we can’t just let go of our passion for sport. That’s not an option. Instead, we have to think of ways to make it more valuable. What better way to do that then to start making a fortune off your sporting passions. That’s right you can turn your love of all things athletic into a goldmine!

Blog, Youtube And Speak Your Mind – Have you ever listened to a sports commentator and thought, why can’t I do that? I know just as much as him. Well, there’s nothing stopping you setting up a blog and writing about your favorite teams or events. You can become an online commentator. If you didn’t think there was money in this, you’re wrong. Top YouTubers who comment on sporting events make a fortune from sponsorship deals. Yes, it does take a while to build up to this, but it’s worth it. You could quit your regular job and start talking about sports full times. You’ll be getting paid for what you do when you’re in the bar with the guys. How cool is that?

Sell Memorabilia – We bet you’ve collected a lot of sports memorabilia over the years. You probably started off, like everyone else, with baseball cards. Now, you’ve got a whole heap of junk in the attic. Unless they have emotional value, you can sell it all on eBay and make a killing. You probably have no idea how much it’s all worth until you go up and have a look. We bet you’ve got something that’s worth thousands, and right now it’s just sitting there. Instead, it could be funding your next luxury holiday.

Place Your Bets – Admit it; some sports are just downright dull. Take horse racing as an example. It might look thrilling and energetic. But it doesn’t change the fact you’re watching tiny men race horses around what might as well be a Scalextric track. So, why not make things a little more interesting and a lot more profitable. You can bet on the horse that you think is going to win. There are plenty of horse race betting tips available online that will give you some great advantages. You might win, you might lose, but you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Set Up A Fantasy League – Finally, you can set up a fantasy league team which is just gambling under another name. You can find out information about fantasy leagues online how they work and why they might be worth your time. It’s exactly as it sounds. You’ll be hoping that your team wins in what is essential, a fake tournament. It’s taken very seriously with player transfers and contests of the results all being part of the fun.


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