DarbeeVision And Optoma Extend Partnership

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Optoma to Integrate DarbeeVision’s DARBEE Visual Presence™ Image-Enhancement Technology in Future DLP Projectors

DarbeeVision Inc., a pioneer in the field of digital image enhancement, and Optoma, a world leading manufacturer of video and audio products, have extended their partnership to integrate DARBEE Visual Presence™ (DVP) technology in Optoma projector systems. Last fall, Optoma became the first projector manufacturer to incorporate DarbeeVision’s patented DVP image-enhancement technology. Now the companies have signed a multi-year, multi-product deal under which Optoma will integrate DVP into a broad range of its projector products.

“We are very happy to be expanding our partnership with Optoma, a company that is aggressively growing its global footprint in the projector market,” said Larry Pace, president of DarbeeVision Inc. “Optoma’s projector systems leveraging DLP technology are a wonderful match for DVP technology, as large displays systems for home entertainment, gaming and business are becoming increasingly popular. The DARBEE difference means a best-in-class image for big projected images. DVP shows up as a remarkably powerful boost for the perceived dynamic range in the image, so that projected images, both small and large, have the ability to compete with big screen TVs, for the image qualities of depth, clarity, and realism.”

“We’re focused on providing the best projectors on the market – from outstanding image quality to smart design, and DarbeeVision has helped us achieve this,” said Brian Soto, head of product management, Optoma Technology. “We’re excited to continue our partnership to integrate DVP technology into Optoma projectors, to create an even more immersive entertainment experience.”

Following on the success of Optoma’s HD28DSE, the very first DVP integrated projector, Optoma will integrate DVP into additional projectors coming to market. The new projector models will all represent the first projectors in their class to include the DVP chip set.

DVP technology makes any content look more lifelike by applying depth cues to the image. The enhancement technology is based on a powerful human-vision computational model that reveals never-before-seen levels of depth, clarity, and realism for the scene. Due to its unique approach that recognizes that important information is thrown away with all single lens capture, DVP goes beyond the constraints of fidelity factors, to make any image or video look better than what perfect cameras and displays can achieve. The result is an ultra-immersive visual experience unlike anything provided by even the best content and displays.

About Optoma Technology

Optoma Technology is a world leading designer and manufacturer of award-winning video and audio products for home entertainment and theater, ProAV and business. With a focus on premium quality and functional style, products are designed with the end-user experience in mind. Optoma and NuForce products deliver stunning crystal clear images and exceptional sound with ultimate reliability. Optoma Technology is part of The Optoma Group, which has continental headquarters in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. For more information, please visit: www.optomausa.com.

About DarbeeVision

DarbeeVision is a leading pioneer in digital image enhancement, offering solutions that solve the universal problem of flat images by implementing an advanced computational method that embeds depth cues to allow the human eye to process picture the way the brain intends it. DARBEE technologies — Visual Presence™, Reveal™ and Probe™ — represent the next step in the evolution of digital imaging, delivering never-before-seen levels of depth, clarity and realism. The company offers consumers ranging from the casual viewer to videophiles and gamers, as well as OEM partners and dealers across the entertainment, security and medical sectors a unique opportunity to take image quality to unprecedented new heights. DARBEE technologies are fidelity-independent and work with all video content — SD, HD, upscaled HD to 4K UHD, 4K UHD, IPTV, OTT, VOD, virtual or augmented reality, omni-view 360-degree video, cable, satellite, Blu-ray, and still images — making its solutions compatible and complementary with existing and future image processing and display technologies. Headquartered in Orange, California, the privately held company has set out to make its image processing solutions ubiquitous. More information is available at www.DarbeeVision.com.

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