Airweave Top Mattress: The Review

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All of us want to get a good night’s sleep, but for many it can be difficult. Maybe it is due to a not so new mattress or maybe we just can’t get comfortable on the mattress we have, yet others are just restless sleepers and that is their nature. I was introduced to a company called airweave. Thanks to the company I was invited to a Team USA viewing party event where I had the opportunity to speak directly with airweave CEO and Chairman Motokuni Takaoka and learn more about this product and even get a feel of what it is all about. After hearing more about this somewhat of a cult product in Japan, I was quite intrigued to say the least. It has been used by elite athletes and professionals worldwide, From Team USA (official mattress pad supplier) to the Royal Ballet School in London, and Japan Airlines to Australian Sailing, airweave optimizes sleep and powers performance. To be honest before receiving an email chose the If you have never heard of the airweave.

I had the opportunity to sleep on the airweave mattress topper for a little over 2 weeks now and have definitely seen improvements in my sleep. My body can confirm it as well as my Fitbit Blaze fitness and sleep tracker. According to my Fitbit Blaze I have gained on average an extra hour of good sleep per night (not the restless kind I have been getting). The airweave lays on top of your existing mattress so no need for a new mattress. This “high rebound” bedding topper is just that. Unlike my memory foam pillow, I do not have to wait for it to re-contour my body which is a very nice difference.

The three-dimensional, entwined resin fibers gently support your whole body from every direction and distribute your weight evenly when resting. This helps reduce physical strain and minimize pressure points, you feel more invigorated in the morning. It will both contour your body while providing the best support I have had in quite some time. The airweave also does a great job in dissipating heat from my body. I am one who is always warm and the mattress topper helps me regulate my body temperature better than my old mattress alone.

A research study conducted at IMG Academy, the largest and most advanced multi-sport training and educational institution in the world, reveals that the airweave high rebound bedding topper improves youth athletic performance. The sleep study led by airweave, was conducted by Professor Seiji Nishino with the Circadian Neurobiology Laboratory at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Based on the results of this study, airweave will increase their support of top athletes throughout the world. Click here to read more on the study.

Click the link to purchase the Airweave Mattress Pad

The airweave mattress and mattress topper is available in all sizes. Toppers range from $610-$860. airweave’s unique airfiber core optimizes sleep and will have you feeling like you’re sleeping on air. Simply place airweave onto your existing mattress and wake up better. The 1.8″ Top Mattress is one of our best sellers and is completely washable, allergen free and improves air circulation to control body temperature. Visit to order yours.

Disclosure: I received the airweave Top Mattress in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own. No other compensation was given.

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