Becoming A F1 Racer Is No Easy Feat

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Some sports are much easier to get into than others. When it comes to any that involve driving, they can be tough to gain access too. Even so, some racing sports are easier to participate in than others. If you wanted to try rallying, it’s a little easier to have a go if you can find the facilities nearby. However, there are more barriers to getting into other types of racing, such as Formula One. Becoming a Formula One driver clearly isn’t impossible, but it’s no easy feat, either. It requires talent and experience, plus a whole lot of financial backing to make it. Anyone who wants to become an F1 driver will need to follow these steps.

Learn Some Racing Skills – Assuming you already know how to drive, you need to learn how to race. You have to have certain tactical driving skills that will help you drive safely at faster speeds. The best way to start racing is to find somewhere that offers classes and courses. Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have somewhere close enough where they can learn. Even if you don’t start off in an F1 car, you could try your hand at a different type of racing. Many drivers start off karting. You can also enrol at a racing school to get your start.

Climb the Ranks – After starting on your way to racing, you need to progress through different levels to build your racing career. Many current drivers have taken a variety of paths to get to where they are today. Some of the racing organizations they might join include Formula Ford, GP3 and GP2. Anyone who wanted to be a Formula One driver is likely to spend several years in each category, honing their skills. If you want to get into F1, you need a good deal of experience. You need at least two years at a junior level and 40 race points to get an F1 license. For a racing license, you need 300 hours in an F1 vehicle.

Join a F1 Team – To start racing, you need to be part of a Formula One team. In order to achieve this goal, you need to have the owner of a team notice you. Of course, this requires you to perform well at lower levels. If you don’t have the talent and skill, you won’t get far. Teams will have sponsorships for funding and often belong to car companies. They pick up new hires each season, so you have to wait for the right time to join.

Find Sponsorship – Becoming an F1 driver is extremely expensive. Some people are able to fund themselves with private money, but that’s not the case for most. Personal sponsorships are often necessary. Everything has to be up to standard for a race, from their vehicle to the superior threads in their clothes. The costs all add up and without the money to fund your journey, it’s impossible to make it.

Formula One racing is not easy to gain access to. However, if you’re determined, it isn’t impossible.


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  1. cars4usa says:

    And even when you have become a F1 driver, you will have to fight hard to stay in F1 and keep your seat.


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