Tips for Mastering the First Date

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The first date. Is there anything more exciting yet anxiety provoking? You’ve got butterflies in your stomach, a wad of cash in your pocket, and a desire to succeed. What now? We’ve shared 10 tips for mastering the first date below. Now go get ‘em!

  1. Be Honest – This is particularly true in this day and age of online dating, social media, and itty bitty drones. It’s far too easy to post that photo of yourself from 2006 when you were 15 pounds lighter. We all know what your date experiences when you show up looking like a different person than the one from your photo, and that’s disappointment. Just be you. We know it’s easier said than done but if this first date is going to turn into a second, third, or tenth date, this is an imperative step. Be honest about your appearance, your job, your goals—everything. You’ll be glad you did.
  1. Dress accordingly – This might sound old-fashioned but it’s still important to dress to impress. This isn’t a job interview, but it is an interview of sorts. You can go straight off the runway by electing to go more casual. Allow your style to reflect your personality but pay attention to everything from your shoes to your shirt to your accessories—your date sure will. Of course, there are times when you might dress in beach attire (on a Sea-Doo date!) but, if you’re meeting at a restaurant, keep things classy.
  1. Be on Time – You see articles online all the time about “people who are chronically late are more intelligent,” etc. Who knows—this could very well be true, but you know what people who are chronically late don’t get? Second dates. Consider buying yourself a cool watch from Daniel Wellington. You’ll look dapper and be more apt to be on time.
  1. Ask Questions – It’s easy to get caught up in YOUR story when you’re on a date, as you’re trying to impress the other person. You want to talk about your job, your upbringing, your life, etc. It’s a natural inclination but we must advise that you fight this instinct to a certain extent. Ask her about herself—her likes, dislikes, interests, and dreams. Not only will this help you if know if you want to pursue a relationship, but this will also go a long way in winning her heart.
  1. Pick the Right Spot – Do some research! Her Facebook page alone will likely tell you a lot about where she likes to dine, drink, and hang. If you’re in doubt, though, don’t be afraid to ask. It’ll show that you care to impress her, which is never a bad thing. Whether it’s a concert, dinner, or baseball game, pick something you know she’ll enjoy.
  1. Mind Your Manners – Good manners never go out of style. And, P.S., chivalry is not dead. Pull out her chair for her, open the car door, and chew with your mouth closed. It’s not rocket science. Treating the server at your restaurant well should be an automatic “do,” but it’s all the more important to treat this person with respect in front of your date.
  1. Save the Coupons for Later – Later on down the line, she might like to know that you’re financially savvy. Go on with your coupon-cutting, Groupon-buying self. But save that for the fifth date, k?
  1. Smile – Smiles are often what people remember the most about a person, and it’s the universal symptom of warmth. Do so widely and often. It helps if you have a nice set of pearly whites, so make sure you grab a teeth whitening kit for the days leading up to your date.
  1. Leave Her Wanting More – From going beyond a goodnight kiss (ahem) to telling her your whole life story, you want to be wary of going too far on the first date. Leave her longing to know more about you. Mystery can be magical.
  1. Go With Your Gut – Forget the stupid rules about not calling again right away. If your gut tells you she’s a catch, ask her for a second date right then and there. She’ll appreciate the lack of game playing.

Follow these 10 tips for mastering the first date and you’ll be on your way to a second (if that’s what you want!).


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